arriving to Phuket, Thailand-Trek’s 4th passport stamp!

Trek’s death in Phuket, Thailand

Trek’s last day-swimming at Paradise beach

taking a long boat out to an island off of Phuket to release Trek’s ashes

Big Buddha on Phuket

Patong, Thailand

Marriott, Mai Khao Beach, Thailand

Hong by Starlight, Phuket, Thailand
sea kayaking the caves

our week at Marriott Phuket Beach club

24 hours in Chiang Mai

bus from Chiang Mai to Laos for our first visa run

Udon Thani, Thailand

our 3 month house rental in Pai, Thailand

street food in Pai, Thailand

Pai hot springs resort

working in a ride paddy

Madame Ju coffee in Pai, Thailand

tea on top of the world

Pai to Chiang Mai by motorbike

the White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand

visa run Thailand to Myanmar

feeding the monkeys at the Monkey Temple in Chiang Rai

night markets of Pai, Thailand


renting a house in Surat thani, Thailand






6 thoughts on “Thailand”

  1. Hi, I wonder where did you guys rented this house in Surat Thani? is this in town of at the islands? Thanks. We were looking for a place to rent there.

    • Hi Lyndsay! Surat thani is a province and within the province there is a town called Surat thani. We lived there for 5 months in the city. We now live on the island of Koh Phangan (in Surat thani province). All of the islands are about 1 hour from the city center of Suratthani. I think you will want to live on the islands. We lived in Surat thani town b/c my husband was working there, it is very Thai, but not touristy. I do have a house rental contact if you want to though, we really enjoyed it:) We are renting a house from Bovy Beach House right now on Koh Phangan, I think you would LOVE it! Just google it, there are 15 different bungalows to pick from on a private beach. Prices from $200-$600 a month. They are great! Let me know if you need anything else! xoox, Chelsea

  2. Hi Chelsea,

    Thanks for the urgent reply. We will be working in Surat Thai town too so we need to rent place there. My bf wants to live along the beach around town if it’s possible but if not, a nice house for a couple would be great! I would really appreciate if you can hook us up with your contacts about house renting in Surat Thani town. Thank you soooooooooo much! We need to settle before May there, so I’m a bit googling to the max. Looking forward to hear from you again Chelsea! :)

  3. Hi Chelsea,

    I wonder if you could recommend any hostel/hotel in Surat Thani. Thank you in advance.

    • Hello! are you in Suratthani city? The nicest place is Diamond Plaza for about $60 per night, but it is not even that nice-ha! There are a couple others you can find on travelocity/ etc. for about $30 per night. I have not stayed in those. It is not a tourist town at all so there is no hostel or anything like that. If you can stay around the Diamond Plaza area, there is a cheaper hotel across the street from the Diamond Plaza called-the SR hotel, I think it’s less than $30 a night. The good thing about that area is it is right by Central Plaza mall which is about the only thing to do in Surat thani town. You can get a tuk tuk there for $2, or we would even walk sometimes, about 5 min. walk (its just across a busy road). The mall is fun and is a nice break if you have been backpacking for awhile, you might can even catch an English movie:) good luck and let me know if you need anything else! xoxo ,CHelsea

  4. Hi Chelsea,

    I will be in Surat Thani soon, after visiting Koh Samui. Are you still in Thailand, where exactly? I could tell there isn’t much of budget hotel or hostel in Surat Thani, when there is… I wasn’t impressed with the picture of the place. I decided to book O Valley Boutique Hotel through and I’m the type who’d double check. Because I read reviews on hotel booker websites that people don’t get their booking through sometimes. So I tried to email the hotel directly also, twice with no response. Hence I’m so curious if the hotel is legit or not haha. If it turns out to be a bummer you’re-not-registered then I will look for the ones you recommend. Thanks a lot for the info.
    xoxo Ayomi

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