3 months with a princess

We are so bad over here. There is pink and fluff, and smoochy woochy names flying every where. The boys are worse than us with Conner calling her names like Flower, Princess, and Preshy (short for Precious-ha), and Peyton bursting out of his room with righteous anger if he hears her crying and giving me the worst stink-eye EVER!

It’s bad and oh so wonderful. I could have had a million little boys, but what a wonderful surprise this little girl has been.

Vesper had her 2 month check-up a little late. She was 10 weeks old at the time and weighed almost 11 lbs. She was healthy, which we never take for granted.

Even though I know that she does not have NPA like Trek, I still had her Dr. check to make sure her liver was not enlarged. I held my breath the entire time. Thankfully, she has a perfect liver.

She is smiling all the time, the most at Daddy. And laughing now too, in a girly, precious way.

When she wants me she lets out the funniest girly scream-not like a cry scream, but a lady-like scream just to let me know that she means business.

She has been refusing to nap anywhere but my arms for the past few weeks. She sleeps great at night, only waking up once or twice to eat and falling right back to sleep. But the day-oh my, she sleeps a lot, but ONLY with my boobie pillows-ha! I get it girl, but geez, what’s wrong with your cozy cradle or bed? hehe:) Thankfully today we had a break through. We got a baby swing and she has napped for a couple hours today in it! The house is sparkling, homeschool is done, I already watched Bachelor in Paradise-what I am supposed to do now? I guess its time for some more sleeping snuggles:)

I decided to start using her cloth diapers this week. I finally feel in a good spot with housework and homeschooling to add another load of laundry. Picking out a new print each change is satisfying my need to dress her up a hundred times a day like a doll.

you were dying to see a picture of Trek in a cloth diaper too weren’t you?! :)

back in her paper diapers that we love

A friend told me to keep putting on hair bands, so Vesper thinks she was born with one (hehe). I am not sure I would have been so into it if Peyton had been a girl. But after 3 boys-I can’t help myself-its waaay too much fun!

even though she looks just as beautiful without one:)

This outfit makes me go nuts!! I was given a gift-card for a baby boutique before she was born, and when I saw it I died. As I was buying it, it felt like a twilight zone-“am I really buying something pink and so adorably fluffy?!”

he’s the one she saves all her best smiles for, she is fascinated with daddy

Here is Vesper and mama at about 2 months old. She looks like me in a lot of my baby pictures, a LOT like Conner, and she has been resembling Trek to me lately in some small ways. Peyton is his own man, Trek looked a little like him with blonde hair and blue eyes, but Peyton is basically a mini-Jarrett.

Conner loves taking photos. He often asks to use my camera and heads off to photograph his interests. I love seeing my memory card later at what he photographed. Above he set up Vesper’s picture with one of his Beanie Boos on her changing table-hehe:)

he photographs one of Trek’s photos every time

his name and height at 7 years old

Vesper’s 1st Beanie Boo from Granny he set up on the bed:)

another photo shoot…its out of control I know

My sister in law made Vesper the teeny flip-flops a dozen people tagged me in on facebook-hehe:) I LOVE them!!

you know those failed Pinterest attempts-this was one of them. My sis-in-law sent me this from her store to photograph-Vesper does not quite fit anymore-hehe:)

I have an even better one-you know this darling picture that floats around on Pinterest?

Well this was our version, except with 3 adorable boys-

Trek, Conner, and Peyton 3 years ago-hahahahaha!

brothers are so fun

my nephew taking a ride in Vesper’s rainbow sling. My first time to get to babysit him!!

Jarrett, Vesper, and I got to go on a date right before my sister and her husband did. It was double date day-kinda!

Peyton has been reading a lot lately, it makes me so happy for him. I used to read non-stop growing up and hated when it was time to go to bed and I had to stop.

Conner was supposed to be watching Vesper and I came in to find this. I guess he passed the job on to her doll.

wearing her big brothers’ Reebox. All 3 of the boys wore them, so Vesper had to also. We called her Sporty Spice all day.

getting a bath from daddy

sleeping beauty

my surfer dudes

Peyton and Conner are my two favorite oldest sons EVER! Seriously, I cannot stop kissing, hugging, snuggling, and squeezing them. I can’t wait till Vesper gets to the squeezing age too! We saw the sign for surf camp last summer and knew that we would totally do it this summer.

So Surf camp we did! I was totally more excited then them. I could see their future spending many sunny days catching waves!

Peyton will be 9 years old in 2 weeks, and Conner is 7. They lived on Maui for 4 years, but it took us moving to an island in Texas to learn to surf! I took a surf lesson on Maui, but I had too many babies around to ever get to go out and get good at it. I think it will be something our whole family can enjoy now that they are older. The boys did amazing. Children take to surfing like they do snow skiing, just give them a little push and they are off!

Getting warmed up in the morning sun. That is the Pleasure Pier where the restaurant Jarrett runs is located. It’s a super fun place for us to visit him at!

Vesper and her new sun bonnet. I have been admiring these for years, and just the other day I realized I finally had someone to buy them for:)

As I was taking this picture I had major de-ja-vu back to this moment…

Trek at the exact age as Vesper at the beach in Maui-3 months old

Peyton’s first time ever on a board-I was soo happy for him!

and he was so happy too:)

The boys’ friend Micheal was there too!

The first day, I was without my cabana boy (Jarrett). Micheal’s mom was without hers too, so we had to set up our umbrellas and beach gear all alone with our babies in our arms. We tried to help each other, but we were useless, even to ourselves. Thankfully, the guy who rents umbrellas to tourist on the beach did come over and help:)

Go Conner go!

Peyton waiting to catch a wave

and back at the beach-a napping sister

warm-up on day 2

mine and Vesper’s sexy cabana boy came!!

Stephanie and baby Oliver (Micheal’s family)

Vesper cheering her brothers on in her plumeria bikini

the boys’ instructor was so kind and sweet to the boys, here he is building sand castles with them

one of the days was oceanography day, they put a net out to catch sea creatures

Surf camp was amazing. The boys learned so much and now have the confidence to surf anytime they want to! I really wanted that for them since I know we will forever live by the ocean:)


Back to School Bash!


I feel like this is my first “real” year of homeschool. I have been teaching the boys at home since they were toddlers. It’s easy with Pre-school and oh so fun! I had so many crafts and activities going all the time! We left to travel the world with Trek when Conner was 4 years old, and Peyton was 6. The next 2 years we traveled and learned so much from all the cultures around us. Trek died, and we learned more than we ever want to know of pain and sorrow.

We got back to America last summer. Peyton was a 2nd grader by then, and Conner in 1st. I ordered workbooks and we re-learned many basics since we had little time for workbooks and such while we were stuffing our heads with the joys and learning experiences of travel.

So this year, is time for “real” school:) I ordered Peyton a 3rd grade curriculum (Oak Meadow-a Waldorf school), along with some workbooks that cover every subject. Conner will do Science and History with Peyton, and he has his own workbooks for Reading and Math.

I am very excited for this year. And since I knew this would be a change for Peyton and Conner-having more school work to do-I wanted to make it a big, fun deal-this new school year. I called up my sister, Amanda, who is always up for a party, and our first Back to School Bash was born!

But before we could party, we could not start the school year off without school supply shopping! Well, actually we started the day off at Whataburger. The boys and I dropped Jarrett off at work (we only have one car), and then headed to meet the cousins at one of our favorite breakfast places-Whataburger.

After a yummy breakfast, we headed to Walmart. I had made supply lists for the boys, and their Nana had sent them each some back-to-school shopping money! It was great fun.

I love shopping with my sister, there is always some type of chaos between all 6 of the kids, and it makes me die laughing every time!

Trapper Keepers!!! Oh yeah baby! I had one with a kitten on it growing up-it was the coolest:)

good times invoke this face from Conner-its not every day you get the 96 pack of crayons!

After we had loaded up the children and all their supplies, we headed for our Back-to-School lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., where Jarrett is the GM. They gave us the banquet room, so we could be loud. We had 5 little boys and 3 babies. The boys had also invited their friend Micheal from baseball. He started “real” school the next day, so it was a good back-to-school party for him too!

Micheal also has a baby sibling and is a huge helper to his mama like my boys are:) It was so cute, they were talking about how many times they had been thrown up on and pooped on-hehe:)

Let the Back-to-School Bash begin!!

This party was super fun and easy to set up for. I started decorating a few days before, and the boys had helped me make the desserts the day before. It was so much easier and less stressful to have lunch out first, so I could just go crazy with the desserts!!

Peyton’s favorite orange jello salad, a cake, and dirt pudding

I found some games online, and remembered some from my childhood

hehe, I couldn’t help myself

Decorating was so easy, I just raided our homeschool cabinet

treat bags

prizes for the games

paper clip chain race

name all the planets!

dessert time!

I tried the tie dye box cake Duff mix, it was easy and the kids loved it

my nephew Dawson watching the fun

his big brother Jackson with his party bag (don’t you just want to smooch his little face?!)

even the babies got a present (just ignore my goofball sister-ha!)

the aftermath

Vesper enjoying some well deserved relaxation after hosting her first party:)

I hope everyone is having a great start to their new school year!!!

Letterboxing Galveston

I have been reading about Letterboxing (and Geocaching) for the boys for a couple of years now. But with all the traveling and moving and having a baby it never came to fruition. Finally, last week, I printed off all the letterbox clues for Galveston, TX (where we live) and we went out looking for our first letterbox!

The island of Galveston is long and skinny. When we are on the rides at Pleasure Pier we can see the ocean (well, we are right over it) on one side, and the canal just a few blocks opposite. The canal separates the island from mainland Texas. The first letter box we decided to search for was on the canal side. It was a beautiful drive and walk searching for it around the water.

I was about 100% sure that the boys would LOVE letterboxing. Basically over the past couple decades people have been hiding weatherproof boxes all over North America (and some all over the world) for others to find. You get a stamp for your family, and there is a stamp in the box. You have your own letterboxing journal and there is a journal in the box. You stamp your journal with their stamp and their journal with yours. There are clues and directions online for each letterbox, some harder than others. Its basically a dream come true for a child-a real, live treasure hunt!

And I was right, the boys were freaking out! Jarrett and I were having sooo much fun too. It felt like we were travelling again, just out wandering around with each other in nature-it was awesome.

There are about 15 letterboxes on Galveston, and dozens more between here and Houston. I think we will have plenty of treasure hunts for the next year. Here is us searching for our 1st Letterbox!

Happy Letterboxing!

Wylder Nation: Living Like a Warrior Gala!

I have never been to a gala before, so I had no idea what to expect. I knew to buy a fancy dress and bring a box of tissues since all our babies would be featured (it was for a cure for the disease that took them from us). But other than that, I was clueless to how amazing of a night it would be.

This was the first thing that everyone saw walking into the event center. It took my breath away-my beautiful son

Trek’s Papa T and Nana (my amazing parents) came to the event with me

Eileen: Quinn’s mom, Shannon: Wylder’s mom, and me: Trek’s mom. We were all together finally! We had all met separately, but this was the first time we were all 3 together. 

The rainbow babies Koa and Vesper meeting

Eileen and her baby-it was such an intense emotional and special night for all of us

galas are hard work for babies

my amazing parents

Wylder’s dad, Steven-the amazing man who put the event on-speaking at the gala

putting the babies to sleep (or trying to-hehe:)

This was very emotional for me (I think it was for everyone in the room)-to see all our beautiful children and wish they were still here with all my heart. And to watch to this foundation video for Wylder Nation. It brought me back to the day and moment we heard the exact words and felt the same feelings about Trek.

Shannon doing an amazing job speaking on behalf of her warrior Wylder

My friend Amy. We met through the blog and Trek, and then we hung out with our boys last summer when we were in Colorado. (we have something special in common-we each have 3 boys followed by a princess girl:) Her and her husband came to the event to support us, NPA, and Trek, it was so much fun to have her there.

the band at the end of the night was just too much fun!!! We had the best time singing and dancing!

Skyping Jarrett so he could see the awesomeness! I wished he could have come so bad!

amazing Warrior mom Courtney. Her son Garrett is currently living with NPA.

dancing the night away!

smooching our beautiful babies

The end to an amazing night!!! I did not have pictures, but there was a silent and live auction at the event and almost 200 people in attendance. You will be amazed and so happy at how much money was raised….. $110,000!!! Yep, that is the number needed to start research for a cure for lysosomal diseases, and guess which one they are starting with?! Niemann Pick Type A! I hope no one ever has to hear and feel what we did 2 years ago when Trek was diagnosed-that there is no cure.

Thank you Shannon and Steven and Wylder for this amazing night and all you are doing to find a cure for this awful disease-we love you!