Our Story

We are the Ingram family of 6. Jarrett-dad, Chelsea-mom, Peyton (8)-big brother, Conner (6)-middle brother, Trek (April 11, 2011-June 21, 2012)-little brother, and a little sister coming June 2014. We lived on the island of Maui in Hawaii, USA from 2008-2012.

We have always wanted to travel full time as a family and show our boys the world.

On April 11, 2011, Jarrett delivered Trek in the driveway of our Maui home. It made us all realize how wonderful life was, and we wanted to start traveling with our boys right away. We named our 3rd son, Trek Atlas, in honor of that dream. We began selling all of our belongings, Jarrett put in notice at his work, and we bought 1-way tickets to Thailand for January 2012.

Trek 3 days old-our inspiration for adventure!

In December 2011, just days before our move to Thailand, we took Trek to the doctor because he was losing weight, and was not reaching all of his developmental milestones. He was not eating solids (he only breastfed his entire life), or sitting up. Trek was 8 months old.

In the next 24 hours we flew from Maui to Oahu to Denver Children’s Hospital where we stayed for 2 days, and they diagnosed him with Niemann Pick Type A, a rare genetic disorder with no cure or treatment. Children with NPA rarely live past 2 years old.

We spent the next 4 weeks (January 2012) in Denver visiting family and friends, researching NPA, and gathering pain medicine for Trek. We knew we had to get Trek at least 1 stamp on his passport, and we wanted to continue our plans to travel with him. We ended up getting him 4 stamps. We had high hopes for him to never return to the hospital or the doctor, and he never did.

We left for Disneyland in January 2012 our first real family vacation. We left from California to Nicaragua where Trek road a panga boat on the ocean, to Honduras where he slept in a hammock on a private island, to Japan to meet real ninjas, and to Thailand where an elephant kissed him. Trek got 4 stamps on his passport between January 2012 and June 2012.

In between his world travels, we traveled to Texas and Maui to visit family and friends, so they could love on Trek while he was alive. He also had a very special fundraiser at Hard Rock Cafe in Maui, where he also celebrated his 1st birthday. (all of his travels here!)

Trek riding in a songthew in Thailand

Trek passed away peacefully in my arms with his daddy and brothers singing to him on June 21, 2012 in Phuket, Thailand.our precious son

you can read Trek’s entire story and about his travels here

We are devastated, our life will never be as sweet since Trek won’t be there. Our family is missing a huge part since he left us, we are just trying to live by Trek’s motto that is on his bracelets-Embrace Life. Not a second goes by that I don’t yearn for him to be cuddled in my arms. No matter how wonderful our life will ever be, it will be missing so much without our baby.

Jarrett wrote a book about Trek’s life as a tribute to our love for him and all that he gave us- Following After Trek. It is Trek’s story from Jarrett’s point of view. From Jarrett catching Trek in the driveway on the day he was born until he died in our arms in Thailand 14 months later. Jarrett had a dream just days after Trek died and that dream developed into the other half of his book. Jarrett weaved a beautiful tribute for Trek of his life and our hopes for Trek where he is now. You can read all about Following After Trek at www.jarrettingram.net.

Following After Trek is available in paperback on Amazon, on the Kindle, and the Nook.

Since Trek’s death we have traveled to Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, and spent many months in Thailand. In June 2013, we flew back to America almost exactly one year after leaving from here to go to Thailand with Trek. It was so heartbreaking to come back without him.

We were only coming back for a visit, but on a whim Jarrett called his old job and they offered him a job. We decided to spend a few years in America, having more children, and giving Peyton and Conner a fun American childhood. We decided to try living in a motorhome, so we could live cheaply and travel America on the weekends and vacation days. We lived in our RV, who we named “Adventure” for 6 months, completely renovating it and making it our home.

I then became pregnant with our 4 child! We found out this baby was totally healthy (no Niemann Pick Type A), is due in June 2014, and she will be our first girl. It is a very special time for us. We moved into a beach house on the island of Galveston, Texas (where Jarrett currently works) and have made a little home here. We spend our days homeschooling, playing at the beach, getting ready for the new baby, and eating lots of yummy food.

You can contact me at jarrettandchelsea@gmail.com

the following is what I had on the blog before we found out about Trek’s illness. It is just a little about each of us and I can’t bear to change it since it reminds me of a peaceful and perfect time when all my children were alive…

a little about me…

I love playing with my boys, snuggling, reading books: for children and myself, baking, breastfeeding, swinging on our porch swing, going on dates, drinking caffeine in any form, but a coke with ice and a pink straw is my favorite, clean sheets, learning how to make my life more full, the beach, homeschooling the boys, baby faces sticky with fruit, long kisses, cosleeping with our children, I love to make messes, but not clean them up, pedicures, fresh fruit, and creme brulee!


The backbone of our family. We all wait anxiously everyday for him to come home from work-he is so much fun to be around! He is the most funny, loving, smart man I have ever met. He is always reading and writing, wrestling with the boys and taking me on dates. He loves video games and watching our favorite tv series together, but recently sold all the latter to focus on our dream of world travel so he could write more. He is a talented author. He always knows what I need even when I don’t and makes it happen. He is strong-willed and gets things done and I know we will accomplish all our dreams together.

Peyton-6 years

Is the best brother I have ever known, is a wonderful friend, will play with toys for hours deeply involved in some imaginative plot, jumps and climbs off of everything-no height is too great, loves learning and asks every day to homeschool, wrestling with Daddy and Conner, swordfighting, playing video games, and will eat almost anything. Peyton is our sweet sweet boy, we are amazed daily that he is our son!

Conner 4 years

Calls Peyton ‘brother’ and is always by his side, you want him as your friend not your enemy-he will defend you to the death if he likes you! Loves to snuggle and wrestle. He is so full of life and love, he always makes us laugh with all the cute and funny things he does. He is the most passionate person I have ever met. He is the sweetest most doting brother to Trek, he is always kissing him and talking to him. He likes video games and watching movies, anything with cheese, is a huge mamas boy, likes to run around in the buff and has big brown eyes and chubby cheeks that will melt your heart.

Trek-April 11, 2011-June 21, 2012 (died at 14 months old)

Our catapult into adventure-we named him Trek Atlas (the latter after my Grandpa), and for our life dream to travel the world. He was born in the driveway in our attempt to make it to the hospital and our life has not been the same since! After that moment Jarrett and I both realized that we needed more moments like this and began working on our dreams right away. I call Trek my little lover-he is the sweetest angel we have ever met. His 1st few months of life have been so relaxing and truly enjoyable thanks to all we have learned from our 1st two babies, Trek had an unmedicated birth and has had an unvaccinated, uncircumcised life and it has made all the difference. He is so peaceful and alive-we are captivated by him and his enormous blue eyes.

42 thoughts on “Our Story”

  1. Mara Liz Zavala said:

    I am so glad I met you all. you are one of the most wonderful family I’ve ever known. may God bless you and protect you all the time

  2. April Wilson said:

    I have read your story and am inspired by you and your family. May God protect you all on your travels and keep you safe. May you especially know peace during this time. Being a mother is the most special gift from God. He chose a special child for your family, and Trek is so blessed!

    I look foward to reading about your journey. I will pray daily for you all! April

  3. I never knew you’d been back to Maui, I just hadn’t heard. I meant to read your blog so much sooner, and fell into the trap of making excuses, and trying to remember to do it…soon. I think you set a wonderful example of how not to waste time, for it is so very precious as are our sons and daughters. I feel devastated to hear about Trek. As my husband and I were driving away from your yard sale last fall, we commented on your driveway birth story in awe. Our own son was born this past February, Will. He is also the sweetest, most peaceful child I have ever encountered. You are the kind of person I need next door, with all your love and positive energy. We only bought a few of your things as you were selling all to head to Thailand. We picked up a booster seat, blue bumbo chair, and four sweet receiving blankets. I think I will always keep at least one of the Trek Atlas blankets for Will, and try to tell him his story one day. May your lives and travels be blessed, and please kiss Trek just once for me, right in the middle of his forehead.

    • oursonnylife said:

      Hi Nikki:) I remember you! I am so glad you sweet Will was born and all went well! Thank you for catching up with us and sending your kind words. much love to your family

  4. I have been reading on your family for quite some months now!! I just love you guys!
    you are simply just wonderful to read about! you have so much energy…and love..and are so kind! The boys are too cute! Enjoy your famly trips…my GOD bless you all and keep making memories!!! you are in my prayers!! If i had 1 million dollars..i would give it to you and your family! Thank you for shareing your life and the life of Trek, Conner and Peyton!!! XOXO…From Richmond VA! Stacy

    • oursonnylife said:

      wow STacy, that is so kind! i also think my boys are pretty cute, but it is so nice to hear it:) thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. xoxo

  5. tiffany lee said:

    I learned about your blog from a friend and am amazed by your family’s journey and sweet sweet spirit. You are in my prayers.

  6. Janice Butcher said:

    Our deepest sorrow for your loss. He is so beautiful. May the Lord give you comfort. Many blessings to you and your family.

  7. Felix Goebel-Komala said:

    I just found out about your story from one of my friend’s post and I wanted to express my deepest sorrow for your loss. May God hold Trek in the palm of His hand and may he happily dance with the angels in heaven.

  8. Sabrina esparza said:

    I am truly sorry for your loss. I have kept up with your blog and was not expecting this to happen so soon. You are an amazing mother and your family is incredible. Thank you for sharing your amazing travels with us. It reminds me daily that life is unpredictable and we need to enjoy every moment. Sweet baby trek will forever be in my thoughts and prayers. Xoxo

  9. gabrielle said:

    Hi.first of all, I just wanted to say your family is in my prayers. I am a mother of a beautiful little girl named selena. I am 20 years old. And she will be 2 in 2a days. Me and her father are not together and we dont get along. I am going to let him read “our story” and tell him we need to Embrace Life. Maybe it will help us be a family or at least get along. You have really opened my eyes. Thank you. I wish the best for all of you. Your family is beautiful.

  10. beautiful story you are living and telling.

  11. I nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award.


  12. I stumbled across your page while surfing on the internet. I am a mother of four children and I don’t know what its like to lose a child so I can’t imagine what you and your family are going through. I lost my grandmother almost three years ago and it was devastating. I was so touched by your story so I sent up a little prayer to my grandmother asking her to wrap little Trek up in her arms and let him know that he is loved and that his family misses him dearly and for God to wrap you and your family in his arms and love and help you through this difficult time. I pray that you and your family find peace in knowing that Sweet and Adorable Little Trek is not longer in any pain and that he is watching over you from above. Thank you soooo much for sharing your private moments with the world. It has changed my life forever and I will never forget you and your family. It has made me want to cherish every moment with mine. Sending love and prayers your way.

    • Hello Jessica, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment. I really appreciate your love and prayers for Trek and our family. We miss him more than words can ever express, and our life still revolves around him in so many beautiful ways. Sending you all my love too-thank you, Chelsea

  13. Hi Chelsea, I came across your blog after reading about Eileen and Quinn. I spent some time (hours actually) reading about Trek’s story, crying and praying for you and your family. As you have shared so much of your personal story, I felt compelled to tell you that I had been here reading about you all and praying for you. As a mom myself, I couldn’t help but think about how this must have all felt for you and Jarrett, as well as for Peyton and Conner (who are both just too cute for words, by the way). I am sure that this was extremely difficult for them, too, and that they miss their brother. Hopefully you can find comfort in knowing that sweet, beautiful Trek is with you on your day-to-day journeys and you will all be reunited one day. I wish you and your family peace and happiness.

  14. Emre TEPE said:

    Our prays with your family and little son .from Turkey.

  15. Priscilla said:

    I began reading your blog about a week after you found out about Trek’s illness. So many times I wanted to post words of encouragement but found it difficult to find the words for nothing seemed appropriate or fitting. I fell in love with your family and look forward to reading about your adventures. The day you posted about Trek’s passing I sat and cried in my work parking lot for an hour. I cried with you and for you. I ached knowing you were aching. I felt so connected to you guys from reading your blog and I too felt a loss. Every time I hear Mercy Me’s song “The hurt and the healer” I think of you and Trek. Your family and Trek have touched my life inmensly. I truly try to embrace life with my kids. My babies (2 yrs old and 4 months old) are more precious to me because of you. Thank you Ingram family for sharing Trek and your family. I keep you in my prayers; may God hold your family in His hands as you continue your travels.

    • I am so glad you commented Priscilla! I feel like I should know you since you have been reading since the very beginning! You are so sweet to stick with me so long and share in my pain. It means so much to me that you cried with me and loved Trek with me-thank you. Your babies are the same distance apart as Peyton and Conner, that is my favorite:) They will be best friends. THank you for sharing your thoughtful words and thoughts with me. It made my day. so much love ,Chelsea

  16. I stumbled across your blog today while searching the Internet for breastfeeding pictures to inspire young mothers to breastfeed. I am a breastfeeding counselor and we need all of the help we can get to try and promote breastfeeding to these young, pregnant girls that we counsel. What an inspiration that I found in your family. As I sit here with tears on my face, my words do not seem adequate. I cannot tell you how sorry I am for the loss of Trek. I have 3 wonderful children and I have had 2 miscarriages, one fairly late in the pregnancy. While this was devastating to me, I cannot imagine your pain, because you where able to hold your sweet boy, to smell him, nurse him and fall in love with him. I was in love with my sweet babies who were lost, but in love with the idea of them; I never had to hold them in my arms and then give them up to God, so I can only imagine your heartache. I am sure that Trek touched your lives and was here and then gone so quickly for a reason that only God knows. I am praying for your family, that you may have peace and happiness for the rest of your long lives and that you may never have to know any other devastating loss or heartbreak. Thank you for sharing the story of your family.

    • wow Tracy, thank you so much for this touching message. It was such a joy to read. I do feel so lucky to have had Trek for 14 wonderful months of snuggles, nursings, and getting to know him. It was not long enough though. I am so sorry for your own 2 babies you lost, losing a child is unbearable. Thank you for your prayers. I love your job, it is one I think of doing one day when my children are grown, I am a tad obsessed with breastfeeding and the joy I get from it:) You are welcome to use any of my nursing photos, and I have more I can happily share. Feel free to use whatever you need from my site, if there is anything you want. THank you again for your kind comment. so much love ,CHelsea

  17. Chelsea,
    You are so right that you didn’t have enough time with your sweet boy. You have now made me appreciate all of the things that I find frustrating about my children, (especially my oldest – a teenager!!) because if they are frustrating me sometimes, that’s ok, because they are here and healthy and mine. I wish that Trek were there to frustrate you as he grows into a young man. As for my job, I would love to use any nursing pics that you wish to share, nursing any of your boys. Girl, if anyone deserves to go on our “rockstar mama” board, it is YOU!! You can email a few of your favorites to me and we will put them on our ‘rockstar’ wall at work. Please know that I will profit in no monetary way from using your pictures, I work for a nonprofit, so the only goal I have is inspiring girls to give breastfeeding a shot. It is easy to become passionate about breastfeeding, (when we face adversity about breastfeeding so often!) and my job can be frustrating, but oh so rewarding. There is nothing better than helping a mom succeed in breastfeeding. A quote on our wall says “The greatest joy in life is nursing one’s own baby. The second greatest is helping another woman nurse hers.” Email me if you have any questions, I know that you would make an excellent BF counselor someday. I cried and prayed for your whole family last night and told the girls at work today about the inspiration I found in your strength. Keep your chin up.

  18. Chelsea, words fail me completely as I sit to write you this. I heard of your blog through reading Quinn’s and I always kept you in the back of my mind, but never could I bring myself to read your story. Maybe it was because I knew already of Trek’s passing, and at the time Quinn was still going strong. It was “easier” for me to read her blog than it was to read yours… knowing what had happened. I had read about Trek’s passing on the Linzer’s blog and my heart broke into a million pieces. As a 22 year old mother of a two year old precious little boy, and pregnant with my second child, I believe subconsciously that my heart knew I couldn’t handle seeing the pain another mother went through while losing her child… it was hard enough watching Quinn. I couldn’t fathom your pain.. I still can’t. I kept you in my prayers, in my heart, in my mind, but never could bring myself to read. But that all changed yesterday as I checked on Quinn and read the heartbreaking news. I was laying in bed with my son and I had just gotten him to fall asleep as I went to the Linzer’s blog. There it was. The shortest post. With the most overwhelming emotion contained in it. I first thought of dear Quinn, her family, and then… you. I was being drawn to your blog. Now was the time to read it. I began with your birth story and worked my way through it all… crying from the very first moment I saw your sweet baby’s face. I was sobbing so hard that I couldn’t even let out the words to tell my husband what was wrong. I read for hours and hours last night. I can honestly say that can’t remember the last time my heart was so broken for someone else. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way. I felt your love through your words, and I fell in love with your family… your story. I had dreams about Trek and Quinn playing together last night after my crying finally put me to sleep. I saw you standing on the beach with your hair blowing in the wind as the children played. It was so real. So intense. I am moved by your story and by the Linzer’s story. I want you to know how sorry I am for not reading sooner. You and the Linzer’s have changed my life forever. I am so thankful for the strength God gave you to share your story with us all. It has made me a better mother and all around a better person. Life is so sweet, so precious, and so short. And I thank you for showing me that there is so much more to this life. You and your family will forever be in my heart. You will never know how much of an impact you and the Linzer’s have on my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are such a strong woman, a loving mother, an angel. I only wish I could be 1/10 of the woman you are. I pray that each day gets easier for you, and that each moment is filled with more happy memories of Trek and less emptiness. Just know that your sweet baby lived more in his life than most people ever will. Trek and Quinn may be gone, but they saved and are still saving many many lives along the way. God bless your family. Sending you all love and encouragement from San Diego, California.

    Amber C.

    “The only good thing about being this low, is that there is no where left to go… but up.”
    -From the movie “Diary of A Mad Black Woman”

    • Amber, that was such a touching message. THank you for reading Trek’s and our story and understanding our love for him. He is the world to us. We miss him so much and I can barely breathe somedays missing him. Thank you for crying with me. Congratulations on your new little one-you will LOVE having 2 babies to smother with love:) I love the quote you put at the end-it was beautiful. Sending you so much love, and thank you again for your kind words. xoxo ,Chelsea

      • Chelsea, Thank you for reading and replying to my comment. I’m glad you liked my quote. You are too sweet. I can only hope my babies have a bond like your boys. :) You were in my thoughts all day today. And I have a feeling that you always will be nestled into some part of my brain, being my constant reminder to live a little more and be a better person. I know that nothing anyone can say, especially someone like me, can take away the pain in your heart. But if I could, I would take away even an ounce of your pain. Just know that many others are crying with you. You aren’t alone. You have your husband, your sweet, handsome boys, and all of us who are holding out our shoulders in case you need one to cry on. You are so rich beyond measure, and I hope that you are able to continue to live your life with your family to the fullest and see the blessings that surround you. And know that you are one. You have given me hope in (what seems to me) my darkest hour. I’m in a really rough patch in my life and you really made me take a step back and refocus on more positive things. How can I ever repay you?

        Hope you are having fun soaking up the sun wherever you are! Much, much love!


  19. Margaret Townsend said:

    seeing your blog for the first time. I lost my adult son Oct. 5, 2012. His name is Ben. He lived in Alaska all of his life. I am Margaret. I am 70. Ben died at age 49 of a veh acc. I miss him every day. does not matter the age of a child when Lost forever. I live near Longview Texas. I attend a group Compassionate Friends of Longview the 2nd Monday of each month. Please visit us and attend with me. We have a big house and 12 acres. cows and donkeys. Your family would love it here. Thinking of you.

    • thank you so much Margaret for your sweet comment. I am so sorry your lost your baby, I wish it was not so. I am glad he lived in Alaska, what a beautiful place to live out his days. Longview is a beautiful place, we went to college in Marshall and we love it there. Sending you so much love, CHelsea

  20. Barbara Mullin said:

    Thank you for sharing, I am glad I happened upon your page and now will have it “favorited” to keep up.
    I have been on the other side of death as an embalmer for 27 years, I am glad you filled your little man’s life with just that, LIFE! May he watch over you and share your further adventures.

  21. What a sad, yet inspiring story. I am so sorry for your loss, but I must say I commend you for living life to its fullest. I wish I could take my children and travel! I would love to show them so many places! So far we have only been able to take them to Vermont on vacation. Your boys are beautiful! Your story is wonderful, and and your love is such an uplifting thing to see.
    You gave Trek the chance to do so many things that many people who live 85 years never get to do. His life was too short, but it was certainly full of love and adventure thanks to you! I wish you the very best in all your travels.

    • Hi Allie, thank you so much! Yes, it has been a year of loss and much sadness, we miss our baby so, so much. I am thankful too, as you said that we spent so much beautiful time with him. And now we can continue it with his brothers. Thank you so much for reading and your sweet note. xoox ,Chelsea

  22. I started reading your website yesterday afternoon around 3, I can’t even remember where I found it. At 6:15 my neighbor called asking me if I had forgotten about our dinner plans. Yes I had forgotten, I had lost myself and all sense of time in your family, your travels and your family’s love.. You are an excellent writer, I felt I was at each house and each restaurant and on each scooter. (I’m still having a hard time dealing with the mice, though).
    Trek’s birth and life had a reason, and I think it was to share your family’s love with others.

    Hope you’re enjoying the Little League games, we did and have great memories of them.

    Thank you for sharing your family with us.

    • Hi Lisa, wow I feel so special that our story made you miss dinner-hehe:) THank you so much for reading and your kind words! Yes, the mice were a mess-ha! But thank you about the rest, it has been amazing and heartbreaking somehow all balled into one, we miss Trek so very much, every single day. Sending you so much love, Chelsea

  23. wow. I’ve only read a “few” articles in your blog. and you seem like a very courageous family, overcoming the loss of your cute little baby.. but you seem to be very strong.. but before reading about the loss, my first question was: wow.. how do you afford to travel around the world with so many children!!!! I wish I could travel like that!!! if you ever want to adopt an overgrown child( obese adult), well I’m willing!!.. anyway, congratz for your newborn baby girl (should be born now?? ) and keep on the adventurers :)

  24. Kristen Bushaw said:

    It has been a million years and so much has changed. I don’t know how I found your blog but this is the first I have heard about your sweet Trek. I have read your every word and have spent a lot of time weeping the loss of Trek. You and your family inspire me. Your story makes me hold my kids tighter, kiss them longer, and embrace life. My son has a genetic disorder and it has changed our life. He has taught me to see life differently and has made us all better for it. I wanted to send my love to you and your family and to thank you for sharing his sweet little life with us. I think we all need to live a little more like Trek.
    Much love,

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