Does your garage look like this?

Haha-mine does!!! It’s amazing how many things with wheels 2 little boys can amass! Seriously, 5 scooters, 3 skate boards, and 3 bikes for 2 children-the math does not add up, but whatever. And then with their little sister about the join the ranks, it needed to be controlled-asap.

I have been thinking of an organization  plan for weeks now. I wanted it to be easy enough for the boys to pick up by themselves, and for it to look somewhat visually pleasing. I started formulating a design in my head. It involved a trip to the hardware store, tools with motors, nails, time, drama, and who knows how much money. Thankfully, I realized my design largely resembled the shelf in my laundry room.

a 5 minute assembly, $20 Walmart shelf

I didn’t even have 5 minutes, since the baby was napping, and could wake up any second. So thankfully mine was already put together!

I moved all the toys out of the way, laid the shelf on its side, and put the backside of the shelf against the wall.

I then removed the top, outer pole from each shelf, so I would be able to slide the bikes, scooters, and skateboards in.

Ta-dah! I slid in the wheely toys and my heart leapt!!! I have waited a long time for this day-it’s beautiful!

and just for fun, it went from this…

to this in less than 5 minutes!!!

The boys have not had a chance to play and then clean up yet, so I will see how it goes. Do you guys have any great ways to organize outdoor toys?