Vesper and I have a weekend date coming up. She will be taking her first flight and her first vacation with her mama.

We wanted Jarrett and the boys to come too, but Jarrett had to work and the boys wanted to have a fun weekend with Auntie, so its just a girls trip. It’s my first time away, for more than 1 night, from Peyton and Conner! I know I will be a boob about it, but thankfully Auntie is super cool and they ask me every day when they get to go stay with her:)

So where are we going?!?!

To the First annual Living Like a Warrior Gala! You all know Wylder-sweet little Wylder-who also had NPA like our Trek. Wylder passed away just one month after Trek did, so his family and ours have been on a similar journey. They also have just had a little rainbow baby-Koa!

Doesn’t this event sound amazing?! Vesper and I are so excited to go, not only for the fun and to see our friends (Wylder’s family and Quinn’s mama will be there too!). But to support and raise money for this amazing cause-to help find a cure for the disease that took our babies, way too early, from us.

As you can see for $125-you get an amazing night! Dinner, a red carpet, open bar, dancing, a live concert from a real Hawaiian musician, and you get to support this amazing organization.

If any of my friends that live in Denver and want to come-let me know! I would love to see you there. Or you can go here and just buy tickets and I will see you that night!

Living like a Warrior Gala Tickets

Here are some words from my friend Shannon (Wyder’s mama) that really touched me from Wylder’s website:

When Wylder passed I thought the idea of his future was gone too.  First day of school, baseball, best friends, wedding … everything.  But truth is, his future is just different now.  It is in part this foundation, helping others, and so much more.   It is the idea that his life created change for the good for others.  It is a community of people (like you) that surround us and continue to grow and believe in all things Wylder.  With the outlook and prayer that one day a baby WILL get his or her “traditional” future because of Wylder and Wylder Nation.   His future is forever.


You can read more about the event and Wylder’s foundation on his website!

Wylder Nation website

Vesper and I hope to see you there!!!

(she’s even getting a teeny fancy new dress for it:)