The last two weeks have been busy and nice, and full of love and fun. The next two weeks hold more of the same with some sadness mixed in. Trek turns 3 years old in two days on April 11th. To say we wish he was here to celebrate him and throw a big party is a major understatement. But we will still celebrate him in many ways, part of which we are going to Great Wolf Lodge next week for his and Conner’s birthdays, which will be so much fun and a little bittersweet.

We have had a few beach days since the weather has been nice, we are so ready for summer and warm weather every single day!

The boys swam in the ocean for an hour even though it was freezing water! I had to brave it myself to wade in far enough to call them back in-they were a little too far in for this mama’s nerves!

We have been trying to make all the homeschool group activities, the boys really enjoy them and I enjoy hanging out with the moms. Plus they always do the best learning and fun activities. The boys are in full baseball mode right now. They have practices or games 3 times a week. Thankfully they are on the same team so its pretty easy, next year will be harder when Peyton moves up and we will double the practices and games. Jarrett’s work schedule is perfect and he can make all practices and games and helps out-it has been a fun season so far.

Galveston National park

Bayou Animal Park

the boys loved the goats, they want a pet so bad

the park was so much fun-you could feed the animals right from the tram

Peyton at pitcher with Jarrett helping out in the field after he got off of workPhoto: Go my little Astros!

Go Astros!

We took a trip up to our Granny and Granddaddy’s cabin last week. It was a wonderful break and so nice for Jarrett to be physically distanced from work. He works so hard and often, its sometimes hard for him to stop thinking about it, so it felt like a real vacation for all of us.

kite flying

helping Granddaddy plant his garden

The boys had their first Major league baseball game-it was a lot of fun. I got a hot dog and my sister and her family came too. It worked out the boys are on the Astros for Little League, so we already had lots of fan gear to wear.

I am 31 weeks pregnant. I feel great, which is so nice. I am still enjoying being pregnant, but I am very excited to meet her in 2 months!

my sister threw a baby shower for me this weekend-I will share all about it in the next post! 

Have a great day and rest of your week! xoxo, Chelsea