The peace I have felt since we have moved into our new home has been so uplifting. Its been a long time. I have not been able to really cook for my family since we left Maui in January 2012, and we have not stayed anywhere for more than a few weeks since that time either.

I have unpacked all of Trek’s things. His clothes, toys, souveniers from his travels, all of his photos, and basically anything that he touched, or has meaning of him to our family. I am surrounded with his face on the wall, I can touch things he touched not so long ago, and I can look through clothes and toys and be brought back to the exact moment he wore or played with them. It is priceless to me.

My soul has settled here in this house and I can feel Trek’s spirit has too. I found Peyton curled up in bed the other night sobbing while looking at Trek’s big photo on the wall. He told me it was so hard for him to live without his brother. I just crawled in and cried with him. It is so hard. But it also let me know this time is good right now. Its good to be surrounded by things that remind us of the times we were all together in the flesh. It makes his presence seem even closer and the memories more prominent and a part of our every day lives.

I have sat for hours on the floor going through box after box, sometimes sobbing, sometimes laughing. It was good. I got out all the little things we had collected on our travels and during our 14 months with Trek. It made me so happy I had saved so many little things, they were all so full of memories.

I have been thinking about our travel wall for many months. I could not wait to have a space to put up all the photos and little things from the 8 countries we visited. I could not wait to look at it all every day!

I finished our travel wall and I love it. I cried the entire 3 hours it took me to hang every thing. I cried when hanging up things from our time with Trek, I cried hanging up travel mementos from after he was gone-happy Peyton and Conner have got to see so much, while simultaneously sad that Trek was not there. It is a very emotional wall for me. Jarrett came home and just stared too. We all love it, it makes us happy.

Product of Honduras burlap coffee bag left over from the coffee we drank while living on the island of Utila. On the table: a handmade Honduran bowl full of more travel trinkets, a mason jar full of coins from the 8 countries, and a baby picture of Trek.

Kukui nut necklace hanging beneath Trek’s photo from when we lived in Hawaii

Left: A framed photo of baby Trek’s footprints and The Three Brothers go to the Beach pages as back ground. Top Right:Our favorite week travelling is unanimously Disney Land!!! I framed a family picture from there with our 6 days Park Hopper tickets as the border. Bottom Right: A sticker from Mid-Pacific Tattoo where I held Trek while I got my plumeria tattoo in Maui, our Japan rail pass card, a ticket stub from the NASA Space Center Houston, and the owl earring from a shop in Nicaragua

Left: The painting we bought from a little boy artist at Angkor Wat, with our passes on the bottom. Top Right: Jarrett and Conner on a motorbike in Laos, with a yellow Buddhist bracelet hanging on it that was blessed by a monk in Malaysia. Bottom Right: Paper money from the countries we visited

Trek’s fabric name sign by our Maui friend Tina, a framed world map my sister just gifted me, and a Trek Atlas Embrace Life bracelet on the corner of a frame

very happy place in our home