warning: I have been stuck in the hospital going on 5 days now, so I am loopy and totally goofy-I need a friend to come in and diffuse my silliness!!! haha, but don’t worry you won’t have to see me in my backless gown, the boys did (even though I was wearing underwear) they thought it was the funniest thing ever

Photo: I am so bored!!! I did just find out I get to pick my hospital meals which is a spot of sunshine-so far it's been so scary to open the tray! Haha

you have been warned

Anyways, on Friday night…well lets start 8 years ago when this really all started, with Peyton.

pregnant with Peyton 8 years ago at 21 years old

I had a normal pregnancy until sometime in the 3rd trimester when my blood pressure went up. It happens to lots of pregnant women, but its never good, so they sent me to the hospital and then I was put on medicine and bedrest for the next few weeks. They induced me at 37 weeks to be safe, even though thankfully I never developed preeclampsia, just the high blood pressure.

soo swollen and loopy from all the high blood pressure and induction drugs, I was sooooo happy though to be having my dream baby:)

my first main squeeze-Peyton:)

So then Conner came along a few months later, and my high blood pressure started earlier. But since my pregnancy had never developed complications the doctor was pretty relaxed and just put me on meds (no bed rest) and I rocked the pregnancy until 36 weeks when Conner decided to come on his own. My blood pressure was high, but the delivery when quick and easy and I got my second little guy.

haha, Peyton was far too busy for picture taking:)

Conner!! omg, I am so obsessed with these little boys!!!

After I had Conner my bp stayed high for about 6 months (I took medicine) and then it went away. 3 years later I got pregnant with Trek.

My blood pressure started high with Trek in the first trimester. I went to our naturally minded family doctor, hoping to avoid bp meds this time and even have a home birth. I spent 3 months going to his office weekly for IVs of magnesium. That is what they give women in labor with high blood pressure to keep it down. It did nothing! I also changed my diet among other things, but nothing worked. He finally looked at me and said, you need to see a specialist, nothing you do naturally will bring this down, only a prescription.

I switched to a high risk doctor and planned a hospital birth. But as you all know, Trek had other plans and came safely in the driveway, high blood pressure and all:)

My blood pressure has not gone down since I gave birth to Trek. I have been on medication the past 2 1/2 years. We knew this pregnancy might be even more complicated since I was starting out this time with high bp unlike the other ones which started after conception. This along with the genetic issues is why this little angel will be our last baby. I wanted more, but this is the path our life has taken and I am BEYOND thankful I have the joy and PRIVILEGE of birthing and raising 4 children!!!!

So I have been on bp medicine that is safe for the baby for the past 4 months. But it does not make me feel too good. Its a new medicine, and I have every single side effect, but there are just so few that are safe during pregnancy so I have just been dealing with it.

On Friday night, I got a headache and my bp skyrocked to stroke range. This is so weird being only 16 weeks pregnant, so I went to the ER. They sent me to Labor and Delivery and I have been here ever since. It turned out my headache was due to a bad cold most of our extended family gave each other after our fun week at the beach house. But my blood pressure was really of control at 175/125. I need this to be soo much lower for this little baby!!!!

Thankfully they took me off the demon blood pressure medicine and I lost 7 lbs in 24 hours-haha! I told Jarrett it was my fat pill every time I took it b/c I would get soo swollen, so I happily told that bad boy adios.

I am on a new one and just waiting until my bp goes down enough for me to be released. They just upped my dose tonight, so hopefully by morning it will be down and I can cruise the rest of this pregnancy.

My heart test came back a little off and so I had to do an echo, it turned out good, just some numbers were low or high and something that will be fine as long as I keep my blood pressure down the rest of my life.

People always ask me where it comes from, and I will tell you…from this handsome man!

My daddy. He is obviously super fit and sexy for a 50 year old man, (he eats tuna and apples in mind-throwing-up quantities, and doesn’t drink soda like his naughty daughter), but he has had high bp since he was a teenager. So its a part of me, and while I do little things like don’t add salt to my food, I am pretty sure its just something I will take medicine for. Its not a big deal, its just a pain when you are pregnant and can’t take the good medicine that knocks it right down.

Well, the post is turning out not that silly-haha! I will not disappoint! That was the background, now to the backless hospital gown present. The baby is FINE, so that is what really makes this not so bad. They check the heartrate every few hours, and I have had ultrasounds and he/she is swimming around just fine. (not able to tell boy or girl yet-hopefully in a couple of weeks:)

Jarrett and the boys are home sick, so I have been chillin with the nurses and the guy who brings my food is my new BFF. He lets me choose my next meal which is a treat-highlight of my day actually right now-haha.

my lasagna dinner, does it look gross? have I been here too long that I thought it looked delish?!

my first ever selfie-hehe (I am soo bored)!!!! This afternoon after a looong, nice nap

Jarrett and the boys have come up twice, but they were all so puny I sent them all back home to bed. He brought me clothes, toiletries, books, and my laptop. Plus The Bachelor was on last night and again tonight, so I have been pretty entertained.

oh yes, I am hiding my smutty novel from the nurses

at least if the power goes out, or the government fails I will know how to save them (I have a slight obsession with survival books, and have a small library of them) (and apparently a slight obsession with selfies while in the hospital)

see I can make them a tunic out of rat skin if need be

Ok, I will stop.

So that’s the scoop of jello which I have been eating tons of.

I am happy, the baby is happy, but my bp is not, hopefully by tomorrow it will be good too and I can go home and take care of my other sick babies.