We are starting this new year off in the most perfect way-with a new little baby!!!

We found out two days ago the very best of news, this little baby who has been swimming and growing in me for 16 weeks is healthy!!!! EEEEkkk!!! No Niemann Pick Type A!

It has been an emotional 4 months of tears and waiting and nervous excitement and privacy. And since this is the 4th little one I have carried, I have looked like the above photo for quite a few weeks now. It was very hard to hide for so long, we did not even tell the boys until 2 days ago when we got the call from the doctor. Conner has been very suspicious of my stomach for weeks now, but I would just hold him and hug him and tell him I hoped he could have another baby very soon.

As you all know this past two years have been the best and worst year of our lives. Exactly 2 years ago this month we were finding out the worst news any parent could ever hear. That our little Trek would die. The next 6 months were amazing, visiting 4 countries with him and just holding and loving every ounce of him, just soaking that amazing little guy up. But then he was gone. And man do we miss him, every second of every single day.

For 18 whole months we have lived without our 3rd child and it is impossibly hard-there really are not words to give it meaning. We knew even before Trek was sick that we wanted one more child, and of course after finding out we were genetic carriers made that even more complicated. But we needed one more baby, especially me.

So this year Trek becomes a big brother for the first time, Conner for the 2nd time, Peyton for the 3rd time, and Jarrett and I parents for the 4th! I am so happy to bring this little one into so much love.

our first family photo of 6 in October

Baby #4 coming in June 2014!