And its us!

My parent’s rented a historic beach house in downtown Galveston this week for their kids and grandkids. We are having waaaay too much fun, being waaaay too loud, and drinking gallons of Coke. 

making our mark on the beautiful house, we brought buckets of toys and lots of energy! Dawson even brought his new spa bathtub-hehe

our cozy room

Amanda and us got there first, so we went shopping and had a yummy dinner ready for when my brother and his family and our parents got in.

isn’t it soo beautiful?! We chose this home because each room had 2 Queen beds which was perfect for each family and their 2 older children

cousin cereal breakfast

Peyton snuggling his cousin Dawson

Wyatt (my brother’s baby) watching the cars zoom by

a late night dance party! It got a little crazy-the neighbor even came out and in good humor told us to stop having fun:)

Conner and Coleman were too cool for the dance party

but Peyton wasn’t, showing off his drop down splits move in his handsome new hair cut

Peyton asked for a James Bond hair cut yesterday-he wanted to look like this photo

I think the guy did a great job, and I had the fun  hard job of looking at Daniel Craig pictures all morning helping Peyton find the perfect one:) 

We still have a few more fun days with our family. Today is girl shopping day-hollah! I have not been girl shopping in years!!! I am soo happy and excited and want to send a great big shout-out to our amazing husbands who are going to stay home with the children all day-we love you guys!