I have a 10 page list of things I want to do before I die, and skinny dipping in the ocean is on there and now it has a big fat line through it!

We set out on a mission to find the perfect secluded skinny dipping beach.

I want to be my kids when I grow up, they go hiking barefoot

spreading the love with Trek’s Embrace Life t-shirt

We never found the skinny dipping beach, but we found the perfect skinny dipping rock!

it took my breath away when I came over the hill and saw this

now the death hike down to it

we probably should have had things like shoes and repelling gear

we made it!

I was a little excited we found a spot

Jarrett out snorkeling to make sure there are no sharks-my hero

It was so refreshing and beautiful-skinny dipping was everything I hoped it would be:)

my little explorers

this was an intense climb and they ran right up it

haha, Conner hitching a ride, his barefeet gave out

Thank you to my wonderful family for taking me to do something on my dream list! I can’t wait to have more of our dreams come true together.