-objects in photo are larger than they appear-

bird moth (update I have just been told this is actually a Cicada)

giant gecko

12 inches long

him and his brother live in our bathroom

crab in our bathroom-huh?!


headsman spider length=crayon

large ants nickname=”bastards”

they come by the hundreds

fact::an open air house is super cool

fact::an ant colony lives inside the walls

fact::2 giant geckos live in my bathroom and somehow sneak upstairs to poop in my bedroom every night

fact::Jarrett’s arachnaphobia is severely aggravated

fact::we get bit by the “bastards” numerous times every day and yell out “bastards!!!” every time we do

fact::a crab was in our bathroom (nuff said)

fact::I woke up one night to screeching and in the morning there was blood splattered all over the mosquito net that covers my bed

fact::a small mammal was murdered in my room

fact::there have been no mice or rat sightings hence why we are still here

fact:: we saw a King Cobra in our driveway last week

fact::bird moths sound like someone is breaking into your house all night long as they bang them selves into the walls

fact::the only thing missing from the Swiss Family Robinson house is a zebra and an ostrich