“I want bang and pawn, I want bang and pawn!“-Conner’s daily cry

His name is Dang-not bang as Conner says-and Pawn is his wife and they are two of the kindest Thai people we have ever met. They own a little roadside restaurant that is always open and always delicious-it is a match made just for our family.

Pawn can whip up garlic chicken and rice for the boys before we even get our drinks served. When we pull up on our mopeds Dang runs straight to fill up 4 glasses of ice and they are waiting for us by the time we sit down. We order 2 cokes and a bottle of water and Pawn waits in the kitchen for Dang to tell her our order.

Dang speaks amazing English, it is nice to talk to have an entire conversation with a local. He used to work for the Thai embassy in America so he is a lot of fun to talk to. We order the same thing every time, the boys each order a plate of chicken and rice that Pawn makes just for them with “no green stuff” as Conner calls it, me Pad Thai, and Jarrett Thai Chicken noodle soup.

It is so nice to have a comfortable place to sit and talk and pay street vendor prices. Each plate is $1. We try to find new places to eat everyday, but we tend to have a meal here or to take home most days.

As Peyton told Pawn today at lunch-“you are lucky because Conner yells to come here everyday-he LOVES this place!”

Dang always helps the boys eat, he makes sure they each have the same amount of chicken

Conner cannot get enough of the chicken and rice, he eats every single grain until his plate is clean, it actually takes a looong time

Dang thinks Conner is so funny, he always says, “he enjoys food!”

Peyton also loves the chicken, but he is often too busy to eat and we take his home

for Conner he eats his entire plate and we order him another one to take home-hehe

Dang and Pawn’s kitchen

Pawn is dipping a cup of uncooked noodles into boiling water for Jarrett’s soup

Dang asked me if I wanted to cook my own Pad Thai

I let Pawn finish, I was not going to come between a Thai lady and her Pad Thai

Pad Thai-chicken, shrimp, noodles, tofu, seasoning, special sauce, bean sprouts, some small diced veggies. Every place makes it different, I really like Pawns

view from the street

thanks Pawn (Conner’s hero)