We made our way out of town to a Chinese village we had seen and been wanting to visit. We were and still are confused as to what it is, are they Thai-Chinese? only Chinese? is it even Chinese? It is a beautiful village full of Chinese symbols and buildings and we don’t speak Chinese or Thai so we may never know.

On our way out we passed the village following signs that said “Viewpoint”. We were not sure what it was but we wanted to find out. The road was a  bit treacherous being very steep and muddy, but I am glad we carried on, it was totally worth it.

beautifully decorated resting hut

revving the engines up this hill!

20 baht a person (kids are free) for the view point, we almost didn’t do it since we weren’t sure we wanted to spend a dollar each for a view (we are turning into cheapies-hehe)

the complimentary tea made our decision for us

tea service for four

the air was cool and so fresh

I felt like we were on top of the world, it was so peaceful

happy boy, Peyton

Conner serving us tea

he spilled a little

Jarrett showing the proper way to drink tea-ha!

my super hot husband

I can’t read Thai

amazing views-it really lived up to its name of “viewpoint” (and was worth a dollar)

this made me so excited to visit the Great Wall of China-we are only a couple countries away

they really are on top of the world

playing a made up game of Pokemon they created (I like this photo, I think it looks like they are playing in the clouds)

Daddy being silly and making us all laugh

back down to the Chinese village

coke bottle with silk flowers inside

now to pick out my own tea set

if you buy a tea set, you also get a tea service

complete with dried fruits

my very own set and a bag of Oolong tea (our family choice after trying many leaves)