Conner’s super cute helmet hair

Thai rice holder served with every meal

sticky rice-you eat it with your hands

daily afternoon rain storm heading our way

every morning I head into town and buy a bag of fried bananas-they run out around noon so I have to get there fast

battered and fried fresh all morning long

they are the brown ones on the left-they also have donuts, but they are not very good (clearly since they still have a huge stack left). The bananas though…..OH MY!

my moped buddy-sweet Peyton

special night out for Trek’s 16 month birthday

Conner and his 10 baht chicken leg-he gets one whenever he sees one, even if its for breakfast

Pai streets at night

our bathtub

this picture reminded me of how Conner is still just a little guy

gas station-Peyton thinks it is so cool how the guy manually pumps the gas up into the glass container

every store, restaurant, and house has a picture of the King and Queen of Thailand

most of the photos are of them when they are older, this one of the Queen when she is younger is my favorite-I think she is so beautiful

fresh flowers everyday picked from the many flowers growing around our house


my new key holder I bought at the market. I had to get it b/c it reminded me of Peyton and his toothless grin

I LOVE these loungers that Thais use, we bought one for the house, it is Conner’s favorite spot

the boys spotted these Ben 10 toys that they wanted. They picked out one of the little packages, but the man told us we had to buy the entire thing! He told us it was 50 baht. I was a tad shocked since that is $1.75-ummm-ok!

kitchen at a local restaurant we ate at

waiting in line by himself with 10 baht to buy yet another chicken leg

ahh man-there is even dirty dishes in paradise (another photo by Conner)

no hot water in kitchens here, just some soap and a prayer they get clean-hehe (even at restaurants there is not hot water to clean-i just don’t think about it and enjoy my Pad Thai)

(photo by Conner) rose outside our house-I think he is getting pretty good at this!

my two sweet guys sharing a Thai omelette

random pay and pump gas station on the side of the road and my dorky helmet

I have been so surprised and happy with Pai, Thailand. It feels so comfortable and homey even though as I look at these pictures I realize it is far from comforts or home! I think there is so many fun and unique and beautiful things it cancels out any inconveniences like squat toilets and questionably clean dishes!