Peyton normally rides on my moped, but we decided to switch the other day and Conner hopped on with me. On the way home Conner spotted an ice cream store. He is allergic to cow dairy so he hardly ever gets to eat ice cream. (poor, poor little boy!!!) It used to make him really sick, now he just gets grumpy, so he tries to avoid it, but some days you just need a scoop of chocolate ice cream.

He ended up getting 2 huge chocolate ice cream cones. I sat there for over 20 minutes just watching him enjoy every bite. It was really funny, even the Thai girls who served us were amused by Conner and his love affair with his cone.

pretending he could read the menu

hmmm… what should I get?

he read for a long time

he decided on a scoop of chocolate ice cream in a cone-12 baht (30 cents)


me enjoying the fun hanging chair-Conner in charge of picture taking

sexy voluptuous Thai woman

with a plumeria in her hair

my super cute date