We love the Swiss Family Robinson movie. It is one of our favorite movies and we watch it often. I love the natural water slide they have by their house and hope we have one by our home one day too. The one that goes right into a lagoon and they also have rope swings above it. I have always wanted to find a natural water slide and I about flipped out when we did this week!

Jarrett was the brave one to find it and then test it out. It worked perfectly and we spent almost 2 hours going down it. It also was one of the most beautiful waterfalls we have ever seen.

Conner’s new toy weapon

showing off his moves

waterfall just a short walk from the road. Peyton is already up the rock in the blue shirt

handing me his weapon, it definately was a two handed climb

view from the top


crossing over part of the waterfall

exploring a little stream

the slide!

it was so slimy and slippery climbing back up

Conner crawling up on his belly (me getting back up was a joke!)

Peyton walking on water

we were sliding right below this beautiful little waterfall

double slide

Peyton going down on his belly

We had so much fun we are going to go back another day and do it again. Jarrett and I both did the slide too, just with not as much style and grace as the boys did-hehe. We had such a wonderful time, Peyton said it perfect today, “mama, this is not a dream, this is real life!”.