I love coffee. Some nights I go to bed anxious to wake up just to have a morning cup. I am a coffee snob though and only like it if it cost 5 bucks. It is super lame, I have tried so many times to brew my own, I even stalked Starbucks one day and watched them make my iced caramel machiatto. I then bought an espresso machine, all the exact ingredients they used and it still tasted nasty. It is a shame, I really would rather wake every morning to the smell and stay in my jammies to drink a cup, but my taste buds won’t have it.

Here in Pai, Thailand there are no Starbucks, sad for me, happy for Jarrett who thinks $5 for a cup of coffee is pure insanity. They do have Madame Ju though. It makes the most delicious Iced Caramel latte I have ever had. They have crushed ice and the most beautiful glasses they serve it in, it rivals any Starbucks I have ever had. It sadly does not open until 10 am (looooong after I need a cup! what coffee shop opens at 10?!), but I still find my way there most days. It costs 55 baht for my drink which is almost 2 dollars. A small fortune here in Thailand on our budget, but Jarrett never minds, I guess 2 dollars seems like a victory compared to $5.


don’t take my picture!

ok, you can

this day I must have been extra boring, the DS was cooler than me

I am always scared we are going to spill coffee on this pretty cloth, but not that scared, since we always choose this section to sit in

early one morning (ok 10 am) Peyton and I snuck out for a coffee date

a cool thing Thai people do-they give you a thing to hang your drink on your moped. Coffee while I cruise around the Thailand countryside-pure bliss