thank you so much for all the advice and ideas for the make a wish foundation for babies in honor of Trek. I received so much information and I am going through it all right now. I will keep you all updated!

We have gotten into a routine here in Thailand. It has been nice not having to move or pack or plan for a little while. We are really enjoying this time to relax, have Jarrett finish up his book (its done-just being edited!), and heal a little from losing sweet Trek.

We get up at random times in the morning. I stay up late a lot, like really-until the sun comes up, it is not my choice, I have a hard time going to sleep some nights since I lost Trek. Jarrett has been my rock and he gets up with the boys and lets me sleep in, one day I did not get up until 12! I woke up and the sun was streaming through the open windows and I could hear Jarrett playing with the boys downstairs and I felt so loved. I had gone to bed so late thinking and dreaming of Trek, it was a lovely thought to fall asleep to and I awoke to a house full of love and life.

Most days we all get up together around 8 amĀ  and we cook some breakfast. One morning our neighbor brought us some fresh duck eggs. We have bacon, eggs and toast, its the only breakfast options we recognize at the store. Thais eat lunch type items like chicken and noodles for breakfast.

fresh duck eggs from our Thai neighbor, Wow (that is her name:)

the boys play with toys or watch cartoons while we cook. We don’t have tv channels, but we travel with DVDs and that day they chose Little Einstiens

Trek’s Embrace Life world globe in our kitchen, it makes me happy to see this everyday (I think we have a few left if anyone wants one-you can get it here)

my boys’ sweet faces on the fridge

After breakfast Jarrett writes. The boys and I do homeschool, play with toys or go zip around on the moped and find something to do. When we start to get hungry we head into town and pick up some lunch. Sometimes Jarrett comes with us and sometimes we go get it and bring it back.

lunch at a Thai road side stand. It was my first time to eat Duck soup-it tasted like dark meat chicken

we found an ice cream lady-yummo! 30 cents for homemade icecream in a cone with toppings

I think Thai ladies have the prettiest smiles

cute t shirts at the stand, I really wanted the sleeveless Pai moped shirt for the boys, but they did not have their sizes-it was $3

here‘s what I brought home for lunch one day when Jarrett was writing-Pad Thai and Garlic chicken with rice (60 baht total-$2)

After lunch Jarrett will either go back home and write (or continue writing) or we will all go on an adventure. If Jarrett writes the boys and I play at the house.

on a waterfall hike

visiting a strawberry farm

my camera taking our family photo by the timer

this day we stayed home and did a puzzle and played on the playground in the back

After a fun day we head out to find a yummy place for dinner. There are so many choices. We usually choose the main street in town which is lined with food vendors at night. There are waffles, chicken on a stick, egg rolls, burritos, fruit smoothies, so many options! We like to go there since we can all get whatever we want and we have never spent more than $7 and that includes drinks.

so many options

Peyton waiting for his purple tortilla

we are not sure what this is, but it is sooo good!

I love the burrito stand

grilling the beef for my delicious burrito-they even put sour cream and cheese which I cannot find here in Pai

oh have mercy

not all the stands have a table so we try to buy one of our dinners from at least one that does so we have a place to sit down

cute little Muslim boy, there are quite a few Thai Muslims around town

the boys favorite stand-waffles with honey!

After dinner we head home and watch a family movie. We either snuggle in bed and watch one on the laptop or squeeze on the couch. The boys usually fall asleep and then I blog and Jarrett writes some more. When we are both done we always watch a movie together before we go to bed. I love that time we have together to hang out and talk.

looking forward to many more wonderful days in Pai