Two nights after we found out Trek was going to die I laid in bed sobbing to Jarrett that I just wanted to go to the happiest place on earth-Disneyland. I did not know how we were going to afford it, I did not know if we were going to have huge medical bills or anything about the future I just knew I wanted to go make a life long memory for our family with Trek, I wanted to forget that my heart had just been ripped from my chest for a few days. We immediately started calling Make-a-wish foundations. There were sooo many! We felt excited and like they might be able to help us get to Disneyland. After one week of my mom, me, Jarrett, my sister, and even some blog readers trying to find us help, we came up with nothing. EVERY SINGLE make-a-wish was for children over 2 1/2 years old. The child had to be able to voice their wish in order to be granted one.

Trek was never going to live to be 2 1/2 years old. We ended up going anyways with the money we had set aside for Thailand and with some help from friends and family, it was the best investment of my life. We talk about Disneyland ALL the time! It is our best travel memories with Trek, it was a week of pure magic and bliss. I will never forget it.

a bug’s life ride!

Trek checking out Beauty-hey he had a thing for brunettes

Trek and daddy waiting in line for the Mickey Mouse ferris wheel

I want everyone in our shoes to have the opportunity to have a magical family vacation-worry free

After we went Jarrett and I talked that we wanted to start a Make-a-Wish foundation for babies, for little children that will not make it to their 3rd birthday. We want families in the face of impossible news to also be able to escape for a week to somewhere magical to make special memories with their little one.

Nothing like this currently exists.

I have started researching about non-profits and quickly became overwhelmed! There is so much that goes into it and I would love to be able to grant a dream vacation in the next few months for a little baby or toddler who is terminally ill.

I would welcome any thoughts or advice as we move forward to make this amazing foundation come to being. Feel free to leave information in the comments or you can email me at

If anyone has any experience starting a non-profit organization I would love to talk to you if you had a minute so I could pick your brain!

Thank you so much, we are very excited to honor Trek’s life in this way.