Pai is loaded with waterfalls! They are all over our map of the town, we have been to 3 so far this past week. They are each absolutely amazing and unique. The one we went to yesterday, well we did not even make it after 2 1/2 hours of hiking one way! We are going to attempt again after our memory softens the 4 hours of hiking when I had to carry Conner for an hour of the hike-hehe.

This one was just a short hike and a small, very old/death bridge away.

path to the waterfall

mini waterfall

death bridge

many gaping holes, if they would have just left a donation box we could have left them a couple bucks to help fix it-ha!

jarrett heading up to the falls

and then down

stacked stone (moments away from a serious fate)

Peyton scaling an almost vertical wall. Who is this kid?!

I remember the day perfectly. Peyton was 15 months old, I was pregnant with Conner, and he was in a little t-shirt and a diaper. We were sitting in the living room and I looked up and he was standing on the ottoman. At the time I about died (even though I did snap a quick picture-hehe). That is where it all began. Peyton will and does climb on everything with no fear and has only fallen down and gotten hurt one time in his 6 years of climbing-when he was 3 years old he fell off the kitchen counter. We get the craziest looks from people when we are out with him making sure we see our child high in the tree, he also gets a lot of amazed attention and support by people being impressed by his abilities. He is unaware of his talents and simply enjoys to climb and explore. He amazes us!

the day Peyton decided he loved to climb-i just want to squeeze those juicy legs!

he made it!


Peyton playing the air guitar on his rock hard abs



Jarrett and the waterfall

Jarrett jumping off the waterfall

conner flexing his muscles 

climbing down was hard, so Peyton decided to jump down instead

the rocks have met their untimely end-before we realized what had happened Conner had happily knocked over many piles of the stacked rocks. They are called cairns and are mainly used by hikers to mark trails sometimes they are used for spiritual reasons-lets hope these were trail markers

we diverted him to throwing rocks in the water instead of destroying the “may be” spiritual totems-hehe

We had a bomb dot com day at the waterfall. We have come to realize that we love water in the ocean or in rivers or falling off the edge of the mountain (actually I think most people do), we always like to live next to it. It has been totally awesome for us to be in Thailand during rainy season. It actually has not rained that much, but the water is flowing everywhere, some days even down the streets. We are looking forward to checking out some more waterfalls around here, I still have to jump off of one-its on my bucket list.