We visited our second waterfall in Pai the other day and on the way home we came accross this cute little road side stand. I always like to stop at such things and have to toot my horn for Jarrett to stop because he and Conner feel the need for speed when we are out and about!

(honk, honk! pull over Jarrett!! Sorrel juice!!) i had no idea what it was but I thought it sounded delicious (and it was!)

It was such a unique little place, two Thai men ran out to meet us as we walked up and before we could even sit down they had set out cups of juice and a spread of food. They led us to our table and then kept bringing more food and refilling it as we emptied each bowl. That is one good thing about Thailand, I was not sure exactly how much this was going to cost or really what was going on, but I knew  it would never cost more than 5 bucks so we could just enjoy it.

bananas, passion fruit, cooked potatoes with sea salt, dried fruit, tamarinds, and sorrel juice 


Conner LOVES salt, so dipping the potatoes in it was his favorite part

passion fruit or lilikoi in Hawaii-we had these growing on a vine in our backyard in Maui

The kind men even joined us at the table and talked to us (they spoke English very well). They introduced us to their roosters, who had many booboos since they were used for cock fighting, one even had a missing eye! A Thai lady came and brought us a bottle of Sorrell juice wine, it was delicious.

rooster eating a banana

Peyton peeling a banana for the rooster

After sitting for about 30 minutes and snacking we walked around and they gave us a little tour. Apparently 4 years ago the farmer (the man who had served us food) had woken up to a huge crack going thru his land. In the next 4 years the crack got bigger and bigger rendering his land unfit for farming. That is why he started this road-side stand, to make a living. Turns out all the snacks, drinks and even the wine are complimentary. He only asks for a tip that you leave in a box at the front. (we of course left an awesome tip!)

It was such a pleasurable experience with the best customer service. Through our travels sometimes customer service is a little off, sadly most of the local people are a little jaded from all the tourists and never expect to see you again. It was a breath of fresh air to have such kind and over the top service. I cannot wait to go visit him and his farm again, and have some more wine!

a rainbow as we were leaving