Peyton and I were heading back to the house after a trip into town when we saw a bunch of Thai workers harvesting rice. We pulled over and watched them for a while. They invited us to join them! I was in a dress, but went down anyways, Peyton was unsure so he waited at the moped. They were all laughing and showing me what to do, but it was not working out too well in a dress. So I told them I would be back in a few minutes.

I don’t think they ever expected to see me again because when I pulled back up with Jarrett and the boys 15 minutes later they all started yelling and laughing and beckoning us to come join them. They welcomed us right in and took the time to show us what to do. We ended up staying and working for 2 hours and had the best time. Learning to farm is something we are very interested in. We hope to own our own farm one day and we are always interested in survival skills.

We had so much fun! We now know how to do at least part of the rice farming process, and it was super cool to do something so unique with the boys.

Conner handing some Thai ladies a bunch of cleaned rice stalks

they were so thankful for the help:)

The man is teaching us how to pull the rice up and then whip it against our feet to clean the mud chunks off

mud fight

everyone laughing at Jarrett (and all of us!)-this was a common theme throughout the time we spent trying to learn how to rice farm

the water flows freely from one field to the next, each field is slightly elevated above the one below it. The Thai ladies showed the boys where the cleanest water flowed so they could (try) to clean up

the cleaned rice plants that have been bundled by the two Thai ladies the boys were helping

Peyton helping some of the Thai little boys bring the bundled rice plants to a shed

the tops were trimmed and then replanted

the view from the top of the field where we were working

some ladies replanting the trimmed rice plants that were just uprooted

me (trying) to help and getting a few giggles myself. they have about 10 rows to my 1

rice farming is fun (for 1 hour) and super dirty

Conner after about 20 ant bites and all the Thai workers laughing at him after he fell in the mud:( poor guy-the Thai people are very good natured and laugh a t lot, even when you get hurt! they have laughed at the boys many times and the boys have decided they do not like that part of Thai culture.

Peyton at the end of the two hours of hard work, relaxing in a tree

the nice Thai man that invited me to work in the first place and he even let me take his picture. I think he has a nice smile