We video our travels all the time, Jarrett is in charge of catching it all and we have many laughs re-watching them and listening to his commentaries. We had a fun night the other day walking the streets and we came across this young Thai boy, probably 13 years old, playing a Thai guitar. We walked over to listen and we gave the boys some money to put in his hat. We ended us staying  awhile because it was sooo entertaining and we ended up having to cross the street to hide our giggles.

He was still finding his entertainer vibe mixed with the cuteness of being in between a boy and a man, he was putting on quite a show. We got him strumming away on his guitar and then just moments later after we videoed him he would play 1/2 a song on his flute, put it down, turn on his radio do a local Thai dance and then when he got bored of that after about 15 seconds he was back to his guitar again.

The boys were having so much fun putting coins in his hat and each time they would he would get distracted from his dancing/playing and miss a few notes and bend down really far in order to see how much they had left. (hehe)

As we were watching him Jack Sparrow walked by. We have seen him around town everyday in full costume with Johnny Depps mannerisms and everything. We are not sure what he does.