Being a full-time mom again to Peyton and Conner has been exciting for me. I feel  like I went on a long vacation from them. Trek and I were in our own world for the most part for the last 6 months. He only liked me to hold him and I was immersed in soaking up every ounce of him knowing I had so little time to do so. We had a whole lifetime of love to give each other in only a few months.

my little buddy

Those 6 months were also a special time for Jarrett and the boys to bond. Before that time I was the one to lay with the boys to put them to sleep and to meet their every need. Jarrett, Peyton and Conner have created a very deep and trusting relationship. The boys feel comfortable going to either me or Jarrett for anything they may need now.

Jarrett helping the boys into their ninja costumes in Japan

Now that Jarrett is writing more (he is almost done with his first book!) I am back into full mommy mode. Cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, and playing. I forgot how much energy it takes to mommy young boys! They are not like a little baby that just needs to be held and fed, they need entertaining!  So yesterday we snuck out of the house while Jarrett wrote. We invited our new neighbor to come along and we headed down to the creek, well its really a canal. There is so much rain and water flowing around here, there are permanent canals and streams on both sides of all the roads.

our new friend and Peyton racing down the drive to play

some exotic and beautiful flowers on our drive, Conner even picked one for me and we put it in the kitchen in a tea cup

it took us a while but we found the perfect place to play where the water flowed slowly and the grass was short on the banks. Orion jumped right in since this is his home and he is comfortable, it took the boys a couple minutes to take the plunge

racing toys down the canal

the starting line

Peyton was in charge of seeing who won

Conner and his new friend

Peyton sprinting to start his turtle at the beginning

Conner and Orion are the same age, so it has been nice for Conner to have a new playmate

We were had so much fun and the water felt so good, but we ended up leaving after about 20 minutes of playing. I noticed that even though the water was not strong if the boys were to fall they could get pulled into the concrete hole at the bottom of the stream, so we went down the road to find a safer place to play in the water.

we chanted the lines from the book “We are going on a bear hunt” as we walked

you can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, you’ve got to go thru it!

the boys stopped to touch the ferns and watch them close up as they did. We all thought this was evidence that plants do indeed have feelings and we must be kind to them

This cool bridge was the abrupt end of our adventure. As we were searching for the perfect stream we heard much barking down the road. We did not think too much of it until we heard them get closer and what sounded like a dog being attacked by other dogs, there was so much barking and sqealing. We ran across the bridge to get out of the road. We watched as a dog pack of 15-20 large and very mean dogs ran down the road. It was pretty intense and I was getting into mama bear mode to protect the boys. Thankfully they passed by and paid us no attention. That did not stop us from high tailing it back home though after they passed!

Peyton’s face says it all!

We decided that we would definately have to go back again and race more turtles. We know there is a perfect bend in the stream a little ways up the road and we really want to go. We will just bring a big stick next time.