We headed out of town and spent an amazing and truly relaxing day at a hot springs which Pai is full of. We were told to go to this resort because they had the cheapest prices and some of the nicest pools. We were so excited when we got there. It was 100 baht ($3 US) each for Jarrett and I and the boys were free.  It was 6 dollars well spent! They had 5 hot spring pools hidden in different parts of the resort and a huge beautiful swimming pool facing the mountains. The boys played and played and before I knew what happened I woke up from a rockin nap on one of the loungers.

We met some other travellers who husband was also an author so we had a nice time talking to them. They had just been in a motorcycle accident just hours before and were bandaged and bruised. I picked their brains to find out exactly what had gone wrong so that I would not have a similar fate! A car had whipped by and ran them over-I felt so bad for them. I have been on high alert and (halfway) giving passing cars the stink eye as Peyton and I cruise around on our moped.

beautiful drive out to the springs

the boys love all of the fun bridges we get to cross since we have been travelling

they were in charge of picking the first hot springs pool

2 beautiful boys. 

Peyton (I want to freeze time and his toothless smile). The pool was so nice and toasty, but still cool enough that Conner actually got in (he hates to be in hot water).

the fountain in the middle was pouring out hot water from the ground, it was almost too hot to touch

We were all stopped in our tracks when we came upon this seemingly familiar little statue. Someone had laid a white plumeria there. It was as if it was meant for our family to find. I find myself moved even now looking at this photo. The boys found it and started yelling that they had found Trek.

beautiful cool pool. the boys played for hours in their own world of some imaginative plot and some time spent throwing rocks at a water bottle

feeling so lucky to get to explore this magical town of Pai