When we first decided to travel right after Trek was born (and 6 months before we found out he was sick), one of the main reasons for me was food. I love to cook, but cooking means lots of cleaning and I HATE cleaning. I also was finding it really hard to find time to cook since Trek wanted to be held all the time and I happily obliged him. I would make a revolving menu of spaghetti and tacos, since I could make those with one hand while Trek snuggled on my shoulder. It got really old and most nights we just had popcorn.

me being rendered totally useless by Trek’s snuggles

I wanted to live somewhere where it was cheaper to eat out than to cook.

I am soo happy to say that we have found the place! We have been eating street food around Pai for the last couple of days. We decided to check out the grocery store to get some groceries and we quickly found out that it would cost us more to cook at home than to continue letting the nice Thai ladies cook our meals. So I happily put all the groceries back and out to lunch we went.

When we eat from the street vendors we can walk around and all pick our own meal. Each one is from 10-30 baht. (30 cents -$1). We usually spend around $3-$4 on random meat on a stick, soups, and Thai noodle dishes. We then buy a big bottle of water and a couple bottled cokes which costs us $1.50. We always have room for desert, which today was donuts for 1 baht a piece. We got a whole bag so when all was said and done we ate for about $5 for our entire family. If we go out to eat at a restaurant it costs us $10-$15. Super cheap by American standards, but still a lot to spend everyday so we try to do this once or twice a week.

daddy and Peyton picking out their dinner

Today we had our dinner on some stairs we found by the food stalls. This particular area did not have tables, some of them do. We watched all the local people pull up on their mopeds and take their dinner to go. We were too hungry to wait to get home!

yummy donut cart

food market to get vegetables and fruit for snacks at the house

ice cream stand

Peyton choosing his flavor-40 cents for a scoop of icecream and a cone

free ice water station at our favorite place to get Pad Thai

Thai drive thru

delicious fresh fruit-$2.25 for a watermelon, 4 mangoes, and an avacado

ice cream bicycle

5 baht ice cream

streets full of vendors selling yummy food