It took us over 15 hours of bus travel to get to Pai, Thailand. As we neared the city I was at peace. I knew this is where our new home would be.

We got into town and unloaded from the bus. We rented mopeds for the month and got some lunch. Not even 24 hours before then,  we had found a beautiful house online for rent in Pai. We had already called the guy and he was going to meet us and take us to see it.

He met us in town and we followed him in our mopeds. It is 6km out of the city center and the further out of town we drove the more beautiful it got and I started to get teary. I was so excited and had such high hopes.

When we pulled up I could not believe my eyes. It was more beautiful than the pictures on the website portrayed. I was in tears the whole time he was showing us the house and when I went out back there were 2 plumeria trees right outside the door. I totally ruined any chances Jarrett had of negotiating the rental price! He probably could have uped the price and I would have said yes!

They already had all the linens clean and fresh flowers throughout the house. We handed the guy the first month’s rent and settled into our new home.

The house is open air and so unique. The guy built it out of teak wood he found and everywhere in the house there are creative nooks and crannies. We feel so lucky and happy. It is built right next to a rice paddy and we fall asleep to the water running through the fields. Today when I was doing dishes a butterfly flew right in, stayed for a couple of minutes and flew out another window.

We are all happy to have a place to call our own for a few months and to explore this beautiful corner of Thailand.

view from my kitchen window

a rice paddy and flowers within steps of our house

the kitchen is so fun, it has beautiful rocks set into the counters and came with all the dishes and crockery we could ever need

living room and cozy couch

beautiful bathroom with stone steps going down to the rain shower and even a cute little frog shower head for the boys

stairway leading up to the other 2 floors and 2 huge back doors to let in a breeze and sunshine

bottles for a window 

this is hanging in the living room, it reminds me of Trek

front entrance

garden fountain and swing on the walk up to the house

Koi pond right out of the living room window

a Thai broom, I have been wanting one of these so bad! they make sweeping so zen

a surprise right outside our back door-a play ground!

plumeria tree on the back porch

there is even a play house full of toys

up the stairs

the boys room

I love this painting in the boys room

another porch in between the boys room and our room

lanai upstairs with a hammock (this place is too good to be true)

view from the lanai. there is a little pond below the playground that we can swim and fish in

other side of the lanai, view of the rice fields

amazing spiral staircase to the 3rd floor where there is a tiny little room where you can relax, play or just look at all the beautiful mountains of Thailand

the back of the house

our room, this is when I thought it looked like the mom and dad’s room on Swiss Family Robinson. It was really special to me, that movie is very dear to our famliy since it is about a family that leaves their home to find adventure and they also have 3 sons.

the owner’s wife had left us fresh flowers

the sign on the bathroom door sealed the deal-hehe

ready for bed, so dreamy

Home sweet home