I am feeling a little better today. Last night was really hard. I stayed up all night, which seems to be my new pattern since Trek died. I organized some pictures from the last couple of days of our travels and I went through some of Trek’s pictures-I love looking at his sweet face. I also spent hours trying to find us a rental house/apartment in Thailand.

back in Thailand! right off the bus from Laos

they got to sit by the tuk tuk driver since our luggage took up the back

cruising the busy city streets

We would like to rent a house for 3 months here in Thailand and are really excited to take a little break from fast travel and settle down for a little while. Jarrett needs some time to finish up his first book and I would like to focus on more homeschool time with the boys. We both want to immerse ourselves in Thai culture and language for a time to make some relationships and have a little community in our lives.

We thought we found the perfect place here in Udon thani. It had tons of fun stuff for the boys to do and was only $300 a month. But Udon thani is a concrete city full of shopping and the nearest nature attraction is 1 hour away. We tried to make the city life work for the last 3 days, but in the end we missed the outdoors and sunshine.

So I stayed up researching monthly rentals in any city in Thailand, it was a pretty wide net, but I think we found a place. We have been told by 2 different families that if we liked Vang Vieng (which we do sooo much!), we would also like Pai, Thailand. We found some properties online and are going to head to Pai to check them out.

The last 3 days in Udon thani have not been for nothing. It has been a nice break and really fun for the boys to have some good ol’ electronic fun and we all enjoyed  some yummy food in the A/C.

an escalator! the boys were so excited to be at the mall


2 brothers at the mall showing us their pet bug

yummy Thai mall snack-fish sausage with cheese! (i think i just threw up a little in my mouth)

buying their own ice cream cone-9 baht (33 cents)

more delicious food court options

roast duck-bill and all

super fun place place at the arcade-$2 for 45 minutes of fun

I thought these were so fun, you would find them all over the arcade room, put in  a coin and drive them around and just leave them where they stopped when your time was up

bumper car fun!

we lucked out because the man in charge of this ride got tired of watching the boys and just left to go work on a machine, so they played in there forever when it was only supposed to be for 5 minutes

We are headed to Pai tonight-can’t wait to hopefully find our new home!

Thank you everyone for all of your kind comments and love and prayers you have all sent these last few months. They mean so much to us and encourage us to know that Trek did matter to other people besides us. He is so beautiful and the sweetest little boy, it warms my heart to know how much he is loved.