We have tried all of the top restaurants on tripadvisor for Vang Vieng and they have all been awful! yikes. But we found one winner. The Organic Mulberry farm right on the river. It was so fresh and amazing! They have so many items made from the mulberrys, wine (which was sweet and so good), tea and even fried mulberry leaves. They are delicious, even the boys ate them. (it was out of desperation at first because they were so hungry, but they ended up loving them and we happily had to order them more).

Conner eating something green! a true miracle

I want to eat there everyday. They have homemade goat cheese that they toast and serve with a homemade baguette. Oh my goodness, it is heavenly. The owner of the farm is the same man that “inadvertantely started the tubing craze” in Vang Vieng. While he is not the friendliest of guys, he did let the boys run around the farm and stay as long as we wanted.

elephant bones found on the property

so smart! they used coconut husks as planters. I thought my friends in Hawaii could to this

Star fruit. a family favorite, we would always buy these in Hawaii and cut them sideways so they looked like a bunch of stars on our plate. We had never seen them on a tree so it was really cool, a lady even told Peyton to climb up and get one, so he stood on my shoulders and got himself a tasty treat.

an escaped baby goat-so sneaky

Conner was not so sure! The baby eventually snuck back in the fence to be with her mama, she needed some milkies

on the way out-a cage of guinea pigs

We went back again the next day because we loved it so much, but sadly when we walked up a rottwieller attacked Conner. Thankfully Jarrett was there to swoop Conner up because the dog almost bit him. Poor little Conner was traumatized so we went to find our dinner somewhere else. Thankfully they have a sister restaurant in town that serves the same menu! We can have fried mulberry leaves anytime we want now.