Vang Vieng, a town situated in the middle of nowhere in the amazing Laos country side, yet when I googled it the first thing that came up was the number of inner-tubing deaths for the month. Websites and travel books all say the same thing, its a backpackers paradise full of “high” pizza (advertised on the menu as “Bob Marley” pizza-hehe), drunk tubing, and restaurants that you choose by what sitcom is playing-Friends or Family Guy.

the “friends restaurant”

After sifting through much of the bad rap, I came to the conclusion that this town would actually be perfect for a couple of young boys. Super cheap western food, motorobiking dirt roads, and a river with endless possibilities for fun.

lots of happy backpackers relaxing and waiting out the monstrous rain storm 

It has been our favorite travel spot so far. It is so much more than pizza and beer. This is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been and after being here over 2 weeks, we still have so much to see! We keep extending our stay, just one more day…

We have found our favorite restaurant and we go there when it is too rainy for street food, we call it the “friends restaurant”. We chose it by the endless re-runs of Friends seasons and its dependable good food. It cost us about 75,000 kip when we eat there-that is about $9. That includes 2 meals, 1 appetizer, 4 bottled cokes and tip.


my favorite server because he always remembers to bring me a cup of ice and a straw too!

The tables are low like most restaurants in town with pillows and cushions to relax on while you eat and watch the show. We take our shoes off, climb in and lounge in a room full of other loungers. We stay for hours! It is so relaxing. It is monsoon season here, so most afternoons, after a morning outing to explore, we find ourselves at the “friends restaurant”. The  boys bring the Kindle fires and Jarrett and I laugh and laugh at the Friends reruns, we missed watching it in our younger days, so it has been fun to watch it together.

why am I smiling besides the yummy chicken and relaxing with the fam?

it was my lucky day! we went during the Brad Pitt episode! there was lots of cheering when he came on the screen, oh wait, that was just me

one of the tvs in the corners had on cartoons! I laughed so hard when I saw this picture, I did not realize when I took it what Conner was doing! who needs nail clippers anyways?

Peyton’s cute doodle on the Kindle Fire, it is Mario 

I’m gonna miss this town, we plan to leave for Thailand in 3 days…maybe 4