Trek’s friend Wylder who also had Niemann Pick Type A passed away this week. He was 3 years old and left this earth snuggled between his mama and daddy. His mama recorded his beautiful life here.

It was a really hard few days for me since his death was so soon after our sweet Trek’s. I mourned deeply for Wylder and in a way it freed me to mourn even deeper for Trek. I was able to empathize fully with Wylder’s mama and daddy, by doing that I saw myself as I saw them, and I was free to feel with the same freedom I gave to them.

Wylder’s loving and devoted mama-Shannon


Wylder and his awesome daddy, Steven

We wanted to celebrate Wylder and the beautiful life he lived in a special way since he is such a special little boy. We went down to the local market and stocked up on toys and candy. In our travels through the Laos countryside we have seen many half-naked little children running around, and we knew they would love some new toys. We knew that was the perfect way to honor Wylder by giving joy and fun to little boys and girls and sharing some of his beautiful spirit.


stylish, handsome, sweet, and super cool Wylder!

We have been waiting for the monsoon rains to stop for a few days so we could head out for our family celebration. This morning we saw the sunshine peeking through the clouds and we knew today was the day! We hopped on our motorbikes and headed across the bridge.

After we passed some beautiful rice fields we came across 6 little children selling rambutan fruit. We bought a bag full, gave them a huge tip and handed out trucks, airplanes, candy, and lollipops. They were having so much fun, almost as much as we were! They were so excited and sweet, telling us “kap chai”, which is “thank you” in Lao with the biggest smiles on their faces. We made sure they all had the same amount and that the girls got the pink colored trucks and we headed down the road. We had so many toys left we could not wait to find more little children to give them to!

getting the trucks and airplanes out

the little girl holding her little brother was so sweet and made sure he got the same amount of presents as everyone else did

beautiful little girl

so happy

About 1 km later we saw 3 little boys walking towards us. We pulled over and we were not prepared for the fun that was to follow! Within seconds children were pouring out of their houses from every direction racing towards us. They must have smelled the candy! Peyton and Conner stepped up to the plate and ran around making sure everyone got a truck and candy. At one point, there was a slight mob around Conner for the lollipops and then I heard him yell above the crowd, “everybody gets one!”, I had a good laugh. We then picked out the most responsible looking little girl and gave her the bin and she understood that she was now in charge of making it fair, she did a top notch job. We were all giggling and laughing and so happy to be out celebrating sweet Wylder. It was such a beautiful moment with the sun shining and the blue skies and happy children jumping around so excited to get some new toys all because of a very special little boy named Wylder.

showing off their new toys

cute little girl sprinting down the hill!

she made it!

conner getting mobbed for the yummy lollipops-hehe

mission accomplished! spreading a little bit of Wylder’s love around the world

We love you Wylder James Laffoon! Thank you for teaching us how precious and beautiful life is.

Wylder, we wish we could have meet you and kissed your soft cheeks and rubbed your super sexy movie star hair and swam in your pool with you. We wish you and Trek had grown big and strong and got to play on the beaches of Maui together. After we handed out all of the presents you inspired us to buy, Jarrett looked up to the sky and said, “Wylder we love you”.

We love you so much Wylder!

May 15, 2009-July 20, 2012