I love the motorbike and I HATE the motorbike. I am  getting better, but it is monsoon season, so it is muddy, slippery and generally makes me nervous. I have crashed 2 times so far!!!! Ahhhh, thankfully I go super slow, I mean really really slow. I have not passed up 10 kilometers per hour yet. So both crashes were a  slow falling over of the bike onto its side, Peyton and I got extremely muddy and I just cursed at the bike.

Besides being a titty baby about it, I also LOVE the bike! We get to see so much of Laos that we could never see by foot or tuk tuk. We are so free to explore wherever we want! I refuse to give up, I know that motorbike transportation will be a big part of our travels, so I plan on mastering it and I might even try going 15 klm!

Peyton is the best motorcycle buddy, he never complains and we talk and laugh as we cruise around town. Conner cries if he ever has to ride with me because “mama goes too slow!”. haha, oh my

this is the life, but someone has to live it!

2nd day on the bike, ran out of gas, thankfully it was right in front of a gas station

Lao gas station and the cutest little baby

full service!

we love the rice paddys, they are soo beautiful


washing clothes in the river

“real” gas station where the guy tried to rip us off, thankfully Jarrett is very smart about this stuff, and caught him. I am so glad he is with me, I can never tell!

waiting for slow poke mama!

Laos countryside town

pulling over to check out those cool ferns that you touch and they close up

so clever, they build each little field slightly above the one beside it and the water flows freely from field to field

more traffic

open road to anywhere we want to go


I really do love the motorbike, it has taken us to the most amazing places. Peyton has affectionately named ours the Blue and red 3-headed Dragon-oh yeah baby!