i cannot say enough about Vang Vieng and Laos. It has been such a wonderful place of healing for us. There are so many adventures for us to go on and places to explore. And since it is monsoon season there is also lots of downtime to relax cozy in our pjs all day while it rains. There are so many fun and interesting things that make this town so cool and interesting.

almost all the restaurants have these cozy couch-tables to lounge while you eat

the nice supermarket in town, almost every place in town you have to take off your shoes before you go in, the floors are always freshly swept and mopped so it is so nice to walk on with our bare feet

our favorite fruit lady, we drive around town on our motorbikes everyday searching for her to get our daily bag of fruit

2 mangos peeled and sliced and about 20 rambutan (the red balls with green pokies sticking out) is 10,000 kip ($1.25 US)

jarrett at the ATM getting out 1 million kip-our first time to be millionaires! (that is $125USD)

mmmm, what is this wonderful treat the street vendor is grilling up?


a traditional Lao toilet, this falls under the “interesting” parts of travel-no toilet paper

yes, that is what you think it is for-just.can’t.do.it….i carry toilet paper in my bag now

coffee on the street-fresh ground Lao mountain coffee

sooo delicious! $1

all restaurants are open air-what a view!

one of the many bridges to the other side of town

fresh delicious and handmade food at every place-raw egg rolls

the streets are lined with little mini markets that have almost anything we need

the widow-maker. I have the HARDEST time using these still! it is very common for  most of the less developed countries that we have travelled to have electric showers. The water is heated right above your head by electricity-yikes-I just try to go fast and think happy thoughts. (the circuit breaker switch right beside it does not help)

the Laos wal-mart. While searching for something special for a celebration we have planned for Wylder (as soon as it stops raining!) we came across a HUGE market hidden behind some mechanic shops. We made quite a stir there, I don’t think they see very many tourists at that market.

anything you could ever need

conner hit the jackpot-he was so happy to find TOYS!

i am so glad we travel with 3 small suitcases, I LOVE to shop and I wanted to so bad, but I knew I had no where to stuff it!

how much is that sexy man?! bag him up, I’ll take him

the locals ride around on these motor wagons a lot. They pile in the back, it is a motor hooked up to a trailer and wheels that a man directs with 2 long poles-so smart!

the fancy version of a Lao toilet, yes it is a sink sprayer and yes it is for your butt

we are loving all the new things we discover everyday! bring it on!