Trek left our family 1 month ago today. I wrote this poem for him.

my heart, my Trek

My eyes burn there are no more tears to cry

I close my eyes and start at your toes, I remember each one, so round

And perfect, I see your skinny legs and the roundness of your knee,

Your belly so smooth, your smell, I can still smell it

your hands reach outstretched to me I reach back but you are not there

What is a mother without her child, how can a heart bear the loss of itself

I reach for you with my mind, my body, where are you my love,

I never find you, my body aches for you it is broken now, my breasts are empty

My love, my baby, my heart, my Trek

Trek’s friend Wylder died this morning, he is so handsome and made it past his 3rd birthday. Please send his family all of your love and prayers. You can go to his website below and send his family your thoughts.