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We explored a cave in Laos, a real cave with no safety rails or guides or directions. It was so cool. We explored the cave for over an hour, we got to see stalagtites and stalagmites and bats, and nothing at all when we turned off our lights and sat in complete darkness!

climbing up the mountain to the cave

they had handy headlamps you could rent for a dollar-so glad we did they were not joking when they said it was pitch dark

Conner wondering how much further? me too! the very steep stairs kept going and going and going

crazy bug on the hike up

entering the cave

The cave was huge, it took us almost an hour to walk to the back. It was really slippery and steep with huge drop offs. We climbed over and under rocks and got super dirty. I was so dirty I had to buy a new shirt at the little stand at the entrance. The boys did such a great job, we just went slow and helped them when they needed it (or they helped me!)

statue in the cave-I feel bad for whoever had to hike that thing up the mountain and through the cave

i loved this part of the cave, it was so beautiful with the sunlight coming in through the trees

We kept seeing signs that said “to cave”, we thought we were in the cave! But a little later we came to another entrance that led to complete darkness, the real cave!

I think these monks were travelling too, they were taking pictures of everything we were

my little spelunkers

the camera caught the light path from Peyton’s head torch

to cave

about the go into the cave within the cave

family photo in the cave-our first one without Trek, it makes me happy to remember this special day, but my heart skips a beat too because something is glaringly missing

our family complete