As we have been travelling we keep coming back to one thing, we feel truly lucky to be an American.

I am not into politics, and I purposely never watch the news so I am not claiming any special knowledge or stance on the matter. I certainly do not feel superior to anyone else or think I have the upper hand. I have found so many wonderful things about other countries that I wish I could have known and  adopted as my own long ago. I am just simply happy and thankful personally for all the benefits being American has given to me, and travelling this beautiful world has made them so clear.

The fact that we are able to go to any country we want is such a joy and privilege, there are very few countries whose citizens are allowed to do so. So many times we ask a native of the country we are visiting if they have ever been to America and they laugh and say they are not allowed.

It is so amazing that every country’s second language is English. Every one in the world is trying to learn English, one of the hardest languages, and I was lucky enough to be taught it as a 1st language. Every where we go we can find someone to speak to, it is very freeing and opens up so many doors.

The very fact that we are out travelling and feel confident that we can succeed in our dreams is based on a lifetime of American dream speeches. Of people and family telling us we could do whatever we wanted and then having the ability to empower us to do so.

I asked my 3 guys what they loved about America…

Peyton loves America because-

they have great steak, I like Texas, it was really fun at the Great Wolf Lodge, I like that we were born in America, the beautiful ocean and rainbows and sunshine in Hawaii, and I love Disneyland.

Conner loves America because-

they have so cool toys, guns-toy guns, and real guns like Papa T’s, everything

(oh my, so many things to say, but I will leave his words unedited!)

Jarrett loves America because-

Our passport lets us go anywhere, our money has value, Americans improve the food of other countries, toilet paper is in every restroom, everyone speaks his language

I have learned so much in these last 6 months of travel. The world is big and so full of amazing people with original ideas that are brilliant and exciting and different from our own. Jarrett and I strive to improve our lives everyday from all that we discover. I love travel and I love all the new things we learn, but we always come back to thankfulness. Thankfulness to a country that has given us freedom to live a life that is truly free.

he has no fear of failure

they believe they really can save the world

free to make all my dreams come true, even if it was just for a little while