I told Jarrett from the first time I melted into the cozy bed at the Marriott in Phuket that he would have to pull me away kicking and screaming when our week was up.

That is kind of what happened.

Our week at the Marriott was a dream to say the least. We only left the resort 1 time to go on our kayaking tour, the rest of the time we hung out at the hotel. It was a very special week.

I have never been to a resort that was so kind and accomodating. The staff was so sweet to the boys and there were no extra charges, everything fun to do at the resort was included and was super fun and super fancy. There were pools and activities everywhere and when we wanted to be lazy we could relax and cook in our amazing room (or nap on the monsoon rainy days!).

I told Jarrett one day I want to live at the Marriott Beach club in Thailand! (after we live at Disneyland:)

complimentary bikes to use at the resort-biking in the rain

learning without training wheels, Peyton got close but after a bad fall we decided to try again another day

warm bath after a rainy day-I love watching them play, they are best friends

Thai fire lighting ceremony

Peyton and Conner thought it was so cool, they were super concerned why the ladies fingernails were so long!

a fun surprise for the boys! the hotel had a Nintendo Wii they could play in a cool kids room

view of Mai Khao beach from the hotel


Buddhist offering temples for the employees

Originally we had planned on staying in Phuket for the long term, but after Trek died, our plan did not seem the same without him. We have heard wonderful things about Chiang Mai, a city in the northern part of Thailand, so we are here right now checking it out.

We flew out of Phuket yesterday and got in late last night. From the second we got off the plane, it felt so good. The taxi cab from the airport to our hotel cost 150 baht, the cab from the Phuket airport was 600 baht! ($5 and $20). Off to a great start! My granny has a sign at her cabin in the country that says, “dis mus be da place”-I looked at Jarret after the guy quoted us the cab fare and said, “dis mus be da place”!

In the 24 hours we have been here we are already so in love. The prices here are less than 50% of what we were paying in Phuket. The islands of Thailand were very cheap by American standards, but the prices here in Chiang Mai are the reason we came all this way. To have a life we always dreamed of for a fraction of what it would cost in America.

It was hard to leave the beach, but it also was kind of freeing. We lived across the street from the ocean for the last 4 years and we stayed close to it in all our travels because sweet Trek seemed to prefer it. We are totally landlocked now and it feels very adventurous, different, and new.

I am so excited to see what Chiang Mai holds for our family. I will miss Phuket, especially Patong beach, it is where our angel baby died. it wil always hold a very special place in our hearts, I left part of me there.