We have been staying the last few nights on Mai Khao beach in Phuket. It is so beautiful. The Marriott is amazing, it is the most beautiful place we have ever stayed. I am very grateful for the gift we were given of one week here. It is a nice send off for our next adventure and our next few days of travel.

We leave on Sunday to visit another part of Thailand and explore there for a few months. Jarrett has 2-3 of his adult books almost finished and we need to get an apartment and some sort of a routine so that he can wrap them up.

We are very excited for our next move. It is not by an ocean, so we are excited to see if we survive!

our welcome elephant-I could not bear to take him down so he is still there welcoming us every time we walk in

we have a couch, so we have had lots of snuggly family movie time

Conner and me were on the same page about this amazing bath tub!

I have never been so excited to see a washer and dryer! my very own! while it has been soo nice and cheap to send out our laundry for the past 6 months, since we travel so light there have been so many times we have run out of clothes while waiting for our laundry to get back-hehe. Not this week!

relaxing at the pool (well Jarrett was trying to, but Conner was splashing him:)

walking to the grocery store

bamboo-it is so lush and beautiful here

my favorite thai-Chelsea snack, glass bottled coke (10THB-about 30 cents) and local fruit

Langon fruit-so amazing! sweet and juicy

a amazing rain storm-we are in Thailand during monsoon season

playing at the pool, we keep talking about how Trek would have loved this pool. It is so shallow and sooo warm, he loved being in the water

peyton on the water slide-this is our kind of slide, there are NO rules, you can do whatever you want on it!

conner on his belly

homemade popsicles (free!) everyday by the pool

Jarrett and the boys going down the slide together

there are plumeria flowers all over the hotel, today I found one for Peyton-his is the pink one on my tattoo, Conner is the light pink and Trek is the white

Thank you so much again to everyone for all of the flowers donated for Trek’s beach celebration. Also for all of the kind messages, donations, and for sharing Trek’s story by buying his reallly cool stuff! Thank you also for sharing Trek’s story with your friends and family. It means so much to us to know that so many people know and love Trek.

Also, I have a special thank you to Amy for a special surprise I got yesterday. The hotel spa called me and told me that someone bought me a present. I could not believe it! I have never got a spa package before and I have only had one massage and that was over 10 years ago (ok, that is soo weird to say-I sound so old! hehe) Thank you so much Amy for thinking of me and reaching out to me in such a thoughtful and kind way. I will enjoy it so very much.