We are on Phuket island, an island on the southern part of Thailand. We have been staying in the very popular town of Patong for the last 2 weeks. It has been a good transition into to Thai culture. It is pretty westernized, but that has been nice for everything to be so convenient in the last days since we lost Trek.

We left Patong beach yesterday to move to another hotel on the other side of the island. It was a really hard day for both Jarrett and I. I was packing up and getting  emotional and I looked up and Jarrett was teary up too as he was packing.

I think packing used to be so exciting since we were taking our family onto our next adventure. This time it felt incomplete, it was just not exciting since Trek was not there. We kept finding Trek’s little things tucked in different places, it was really hard, especially when we found his little captain america t-shirt.

It was also hard to leave Patong, that is where we started our Thailand adventure with Trek and that is where he died. I felt like we were leaving him behind. I am so thankful that Peyton reminds me everyday that Trek is in our hearts.

The hotel we stayed at in Patong was the Amata resort. The day we checked in was the day that Trek died. They were so helpful and kind. They called the police for us and they even sent a manager with us to translate all day long. I don’t think we could have done it without him there. I did not even know who he was I was so out of it, until the day was over. The rest of our time at the hotel was spent with all the staff making sure we had everything we needed and that we were ok. They were so sensitive especially since I was crying almost everytime they saw me. I am so thankful for everything they did.

My parents offered us a week of their timeshare many months ago. It never really worked out since we always plan last minute and there was always nothing left. Last week I was trying to figure out where we were going next, so I decided to check her timeshare. The week we needed had the super fancy Marriott beach club available!

It is beautiful and just what we needed to relax and regroup after losing Trek. It is our first time in a long time to have a kitchen. We got a bunch of groceries so we can stay home and snuggle all day. It also has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, it is like a beautiful home and I am excited for our week here. (thanks mama and daddy!)

here is a little of what we did our 2 weeks in Patong (Trek’s time included:)…

in a Thai taxi

the boys with a baby elephant

Trek watching his brothers go bowling

mid-day nap, sleeping sweet boy

out to eat with our snuggle bug

trek’s rockin nap while we ate:)

daddy and his boys

a local Thai restaraunt

plumeria tree at the hotel (my favorite tree and flower that reminds me of my sweet boys)

peyton, mama, and trek beach time!

my sweet love

the rice we ordered that they thought was for Trek so they made it for “baby” they said:) soo cute little teddy bear

thai gas station

big buddha

our long boat ride for Trek

our private island for the day

cool hermit crab

trek’s leis going out to sea

thai beach restaraunts

conner putting ice in my glass like a gentleman

my sweet boys eating on the beach

my handsome husband and our thai seafood

they caught the crab right off the beach, it was still alive right before they cooked it in front of us

thai fried fish

brothers in their new ‘muscle’ shirts, there are tons of shops with super cheap name-brand clothes, the boys were so proud:)

family pool time

exploring the streets

watching a fountain show at the mall

Daddy won Conner a beanie boo at the arcade. This was a very big deal for conner,  he loves Beanie Boos (those cute little stuffed animals with big eyes) He has a bunch of them, but we did not bring them to travel with. He remembered the other day and was devastated. We saw one in an arcade machine and worked together as a family and we got it!!

look what they gave us when we checked in at the Marriott-jasmine and orchid leis! just another reminder that Trek will be with us wherever we go