I never dreamed in a million years that I would have something majorly bad happen to me or my family, especially one that involved my baby. Everyday I wake up happy and refreshed only to look down at the sweet sleeping baby in my arms and my heart sinks as I remember that my time with him is not as long as it should be.

I always knew there was so much love out in the world, but we have been so surprised and overwhelmed by all of the love that has been given to Trek and our family.

We keep getting messages asking us how people can help us. It is hard to ask for help, it is even more intimidating and hard when you really need it. We have had so much kindness poured in our path and we are thankful for everyone that has made this time a little easier.

Here are 3 ways you can help Trek and our family

1. Send your love, prayers, and kind words. I cannot stress enough how much this means to us. I read every comment on the blog, every email, every facebook comment and they stay with me. I can really feel all of the love and support from everyone and it makes such a difference. Even if I don’t respond right away know that I have read it and it touched me.

2. Share Trek’s story. Trek’s life is so much shorter than it should be. It breaks my heart to know he won’t have the chance to experience all the amazing and beautiful things in this world. It hurts me even more that people will never get the wonderful pleasure of meeting and knowing him. If you share his story with your friends and family, on facebook, or any other way it can show the world how amazing and wonderful Trek Atlas Ingram is!

Click here to “like” Trek’s page on facebook, you can even “share” it from there too!

or you can share with FundRazr through facebook here

3. Buy Trek’s cool stuff!! So Trek pretty much has his own merchandise line now-hehe. He has so much fun stuff you can get to help share his story and support our family. 100% of all money goes directly Trek and our family. My sister has boxes of all of his fun stuff ready to be mailed. Amanda calls Trek her boss and she thinks he is the best one ever! She is happy to send you as much stuff as you want! All of the prices include shipping. You can pay through the link below through paypal or email us as jarrettandchelsea@gmail.com if you want to pay with check or have any questions!

here is all of Trek’s cool stuff modeled by Trek, his brothers and his cousins!

Beach Balls-$5

inflatable globe beach balls with Embrace Life logo and Trek’s website printed on it. These are so much fun-we love them so much we travel with 3 of them! These are also really cool if you want a globe, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on one. It is accurate and has every country labeled.

Embrace Life Bracelets-$5

silicone light blue bracelet with Trek Atlas Embrace Life printed on it

Embrace Life T-Shirts-$15

white cotton t-shirt with Embrace Life Trek Atlas printed around a globe with Trek’s little footprints and his website printed on the back.

Child sizes-S-M-L

Adult sizes-S-M-L-XL-XXL

hehe-I couldn’t resist:)

3 of Trek’s sweetest supporters-Cara, Jen, and Auntie Amanda

The Three Brothers go to the Beach by Jarrett Ingram book-$12

a paper back book written by Trek’s dad about Trek, and his brothers Peyton and Conner and the adventures they have together. This book is dedicated to Trek.


temporary tattoos with Embrace Life logo and the world on it! These are really cute    and we want anyone that wants some to have them! Order as many as you want, the $1 is for shipping costs and that is for as many as can fit in an envelope:)

If you want to get any of Trek’s cool stuff just add up the total and you can send it below. After you enter in the total amount and log in to Paypal there will be a place for you to add a message. Just let us know what items you want and the sizes if you are getting a t-shirt!

And if you want you after you get your cool stuff you can  put the pictures of you wearing/playing with/reading Trek’s stuff on Trek’s facebook page-we love seeing him out in the world!

(p.s. Amanda is moving in 2 weeks so she will be boxing up all of Trek’s stuff soon and sending it to the mainland for my mom to take over shipping, if you want any of his stuff can you please order it in the next week so it will be a little easier on her? if you can’t that soon then you still can later, there will just be a gap in when it is in the mail heading to mmom’s house and then she can mail you your order in the middle of July) thanks:)

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