On this journey we have been on with Trek there have been more people than I could possibly ever thank that have helped us and loved us when we needed it so much.

I wish I could accurately convey to each person who helped us in any way how much it has meant to us.

There are a few people I have been wanting to thank in a special way so here is a big thank you to some amazing and caring people.


I am not sure how Maggie found out about Trek. I have actually never even met Maggie, but she has touched my life in a very special way.

When I was pregnant with Trek I did something I had always wanted to do. A belly cast. My sweet sister bought it for me and came over and we did it together. It was really fun and special. But then something happened, something that I am sure happens to every glowing mother who does a belly cast…you wonder-

what the hell am I supposed to do with this now?

Jarrett quickly gave it the nickname-The Moosehead-claiming it was that awkward piece of art in someone’s home and he hinted at tossing it. (Amanda told me her and Maggie referred to it as ‘the boobs’-hehe)

I almost tossed it a few times too because seriously, what am I to do with a life-size replica of my 8 month pregnant belly?

Well, when we found out about Trek and his disease I thought about the Moosehead and I was so thankful for it. I knew I wanted to have it painted to make it a little less weird and more of a piece of art, but I did not know who I could get to do it.

My sister found Maggie. Amanda had met Maggie because she held yoga classes in Trek’s honor and donated the money raised to our family. (Trek also had yoga classes held for him by two other loving ladies Jean-Marie and Tenya!) Amanda found out she could paint and she asked her to paint my belly cast of Trek for me.

Thank you so much Maggie for capturing my pregnancy with Trek so beautifully, it means more to me than you will ever know.

Maggie teaches yoga in Pukalani if you live on Maui and want to check it out!



When Jarrett and I got married he gave me the most beautiful engagement ring. He had bought it from his grandma who sells antique jewelry, it is amazing and I love it! Throughout the years I have received other beautiful pieces of jewelry from her and from others in the family who got it from her, but these past few months she has given us something even more beautiful than all her jewelry.

She has been selling amazing pieces of jewelry on her website in honor of Trek. She sent me the proceeds one day and told me that Trek was an amazing sales man-hehe-I am not surprised he is pretty cute.

Thank you so much Grandma for taking the time and giving to us such an act of love.

Betty has an amazing antique and vintage jewelry shop on etsy if you want to see all her amazing pieces

Estate Jewelry Shop


My mom called me right after we found out that Trek was sick and told me I had received a very special package in the mail.

She took a picture and sent it to me online, here is what it was-

Sonya, a fellow mother, a woman who I did not know and had never talked to somehow picked out one of my favorite pictures of Trek and me and painted it. I love to look at this painting. It is beautiful and priceless to me.

Thank you so much Sonya for sharing your heart and love with me in such an amazing way.

Thank you so much to these three precious ladies for sending some sunshine into my life these past few months.