Today is day 3 of Japan and we were all in rockin spirits. We are finally caught up on our sleep and have got back in the groove of travelling with 3 little kids. We left Tokyo this morning and headed 2 hours out of town to the mountain village of Nikko. I am writing this from a little cushion on the floor with my laptop on a tiny table. My 4 guys are sound asleep on futons on tatami mats and the window is open to let in the sound of the running river. It is only 7 pm here in Nikko, Japan, but all my family fell right to sleep before I even knew what happened!

We took over 6 trains and subways (with not wrong transfers-yeah daddy for getting it all figured out before we left!) to get to the Tobu station to buy our tickets for the train to Nikko. We did not have a hotel yet, but I had read you could get one when you got into town at the tourist desk. We bought our bus pass and headed out of town. It was such a beautiful ride with rice fields and mountains most of the way.

the river running through town

We were able to book a hotel at the station when we arrived into town. Thankfully I had stayed up late packing us 3 days of stuff in one suitcase so we could leave 2 of our suitcases at lockers in the Tokyo station. It totally paid off because we had to walk a long way to get to our hotel, so it was so nice to not have a bunch of stuff to lug around (well, Jarrett still did-sorry honey!). Our hotel is a japanese-style inn called the Turtle-Inn. It was the only one in our price range, but amazingly it was also the one that the Frommer’s guide author loved and recommended in the “Inexpensive” range. It is awesome!

our japanese sleeping futons-they are soo cozy-Trek LOVES them!

our room came with kimonos-oh yeah baby

on our walk into town for dinner, the sidewalks are so beautiful

benches everywhere! I guess it is only in the city where people do not like to sit-here in the country everyone is way more laid back

the boys being silly-finally they are back in the wild where they can be carefree!

Trek getting ‘milkies’ on the peaceful walk into town

they were so happy to not have to stay right by our side like they had to in the busy city

dinner-Japanese noodles

the boys got some samurai swords-now they are really in their element-hehe

getting some Japanese snacks for our hotel room

back at the inn heading to the amazing thermal bath room!

we got lucky that our hotel had a family bath that you could reserve. You just put up the ‘occupied’ sign and got it all to yourself!

these two bring me so much joy! we had soo much fun in that beautiful hot spring room

look what was on the wall in the steam room!! a painting from Lahaina, Maui where we are from-crazy!

relaxing thermal bath overlooking the river

There was a faucet so you could add cold water. We added it in the corner and Trek and I got in. He loved it and just floated around like a cutie. We had the most special relaxing time just enjoying each other and talking and playing. It felt so good to just breathe after 3 days of travelling. Jarrett is not feeling very well, poor guy always gets a fever and chills anytime he gets behind on his sleep. He was trying to act strong and like he was fine, but after the thermal bath I gave him some ibprofen and made him go to bed. Hopefully he will feel better in the morning. We are going to see a ninja reenactment tomorrow!!! So excited for another fun day making awesome memories with all 5 of us in them.