I am kind of freaking out-I just got a much anticipated message-our family pictures are done! We were given a very special gift for Trek’s 1st birthday-family pictures with a very special photographer, Whitney Bennett.

We had them done a few days ago and I have been waiting anxiously to see them. Whitney messaged me today that they were up on her blog-they are more special than I ever imagined.

Here are a couple of my favorites-the rest of the pictures are on her website


(just start scrolling down when you get to her site-we are on the homepage)

Thank you so much Whitney for capturing our family and my sweet Trek’s beauty and thank you Kyle, Stacie, Leyla, and Eli for making Trek’s journey even more special with your kind and thoughtful gift of these priceless photos-xoxo

If you live in the Dallas area and want a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit and a special gift with the camera to take your photos-call Whitney!